6 Fetching Facts About Dalmatians


6 Facts About Dalmatians

As many of you know at Sophie Allport, we adore dogs of all kinds, breeds, shapes, colours and sizes, and the new addition to Sophie’s pet designs is her striking Dalmatian range, which features on some lovely home linens and pet mattresses. We’re taking a look at some pawsome facts about dalmatians.

6 Facts About Dalmatians

  1. Dalmatians are born spotless. Although dalmatians are known for their striking spotted coats, they are actually born completely white and develop spots from two to four weeks old. Their beautiful markings are easily recognisable and are usually black or brown, however, they can also appear lemon, blue or brindle. 
    6 Facts About Dalmatians
  2. Each Dalmatian has unique spots. Just like our thumbprints, dalmatians have spots that are unique to them, and you can find them all over their bodies, including inside their mouths!
  3. It’s not known where they originate from. Dalmatians are an old breed, so it’s not known where they first originated from, although they have had numerous names over the years including, the English Coach Dog, the Carriage Dog, the Fire House Dog, the Pudding Dog and the Spotted Dick. 
    6 Facts About Dalmatians
  4. They became popular in the 1800's. During the 1800's Dalmatians were used as coach dogs and would run alongside carriages to protect them and the horses from any threats or other dogs.
  5. Dalmatians are known to have an increased risk of deafness. Between 15% and 30% of dalmatians suffer from deafness, with 5% being deaf in both ears. Their deafness is associated with their piebald colouration, which is what causes the majority of their coat to be white, and their eyes to be blue (those of which have blue eyes).
    6 Facts About Dalmatians
  6. They are as charming in real life as they are in the Disney film 101 Dalmatians. They can go from being goofy to being fearless in seconds, and they also make a great jogging partner as they have high energy levels. 
    6 Facts About Dalmatians

There we have it, our six facts about dalmatians! We hoped you enjoyed learning something new about these spotted dogs. If you haven’t yet had a browse of Sophie’s latest dog design, then be sure to check it out, there’s a beautiful range of kitchen linens and pet mattresses too.

Do you have any dalmatian facts of your own? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear them.


  • Dalmatian is one of my favorite dogs especially I love Long Haired dalmatian. If you are interested to know about more Long Haired Dalmatians, You can go through https://www.dogslines.com/

    Natalia Jordan on

  • I am the proud owner of a liver spotted Dalmatian and she is the best. I love your Dalmatian design but would also love to see some liver spotted as there doesn’t ever seem to be any around for us liver spotted Dalmatian owners. I would definitely buy buy buy !!!

    Natalie Hibbitt on

  • Beautiful new design, the blue background is perfect with the striking black and white dogs. I would happily order the bed if the two dalmations came with it! My husband’s guide dog Hannah has your Labrador dog bed and she loves it ❤️🦮 Maybe it is time to redecorate my kitchen and fill it with dalmations😘

    Brenda Thomas on

  • Hi there. I love all your products. I have just read about your new Dalmatian range. I have a 6 Yr old Dalmatian, Jasper, who fits all those characteristics. Another amusing trait is their ‘grin’ when they greet someone they know well. A Dally grin is quite something to behold. Jane, East Suusex

    Jane on

  • Hi there so thrilled that you have brought out this new range … I have a Dalmatian and she is the most loyal friendliest of dogs and has become our best friend … the children adore her and she is completely a family member. She is 8 now and such a good girl… no trouble and is a true best friend.

    Alexis Roberts on

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