4 Ways To Celebrate Love Your Pet Day


Love your pet day. Ways to celebrate how much you love your dog, cat or any other pet

Here at Sophie Allport, our love for our pets knows no bounds. That’s why we celebrate National Love Your Pet Day; a day set aside to give some much-deserved attention to our furry companions on the 20th of February.

It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of day you’ve had, your pet has a special way of comforting you when you get through the door. So what better way to show them your appreciation than dedicating a day to giving them some extra love? Here’s how can you make your pet feel special…

  1. Make some tasty homemade treats - Making treats at home is a fun and easy way to treat your pet. You can’t go wrong with some healthy homemade treats and there are tons of online recipes. If you can’t find a suitable one for your pet, then why not just make them their favourite treat for Love Your Pet Day? There’s nothing quite like that loving stare you receive when they know their favourite meal is on the menu. Treat your pet
  2. Organise a playdate - Does your pet enjoy the company of other animals? Pets such as dogs are often extremely social and enjoy meeting other pooches. Organising a playdate is the perfect way to keep your dog happy and let them burn off some energy at the same time. Celebrate love your pet day - friends over to play
  3. Try something new - Surprise your pet with something new, whether it’s a new walking route, a fun day out at the beach or even a new toy. Sometimes a change in routine can be good for both of you. If you’re both growing tired of the same games such as fetch, try something different like a treat hunt. Exercising together can also be a good way of getting some more quality time with your pet. Hiking or going for a run together are great alternatives to walks. Love your pet day - new toy to play with
  4. Give something back - What better way to celebrate Love Your Pet Day than giving back to the pet community? Take some time to volunteer at a local animal shelter in honour of your pet, or simply donate something: old blankets, beds or toys. If you think there may be room for another companion in your home, you could even take in a new pet to love. Whether you have a dog, cat, horse, goldfish or hamster, Love Your Pet Day is a meaningful way of showing your pet you love them too!

Like so many pets, our furry friends here at Sophie Allport have lots of personalities and are totally unique, and we can’t wait to put the ideas above into practice. How will you celebrate?

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