10 Berry Good Strawberry Facts


10 Berry Good Strawberry Facts

We’re sweetening up home interiors and dining alfresco this summer with Sophie’s new Strawberries design. To celebrate this timeless and classic design we’ve got 10 facts about strawberries that we think you'll love, plus lets have a look at the new collection. 

Ten Strawberry Facts
  1. On average, there are around 200 seeds on each individual strawberry! That’s a lot of seeds for one strawberry. It makes us wonder how many seeds appear on Sophie’s new Strawberries design in total...
  2. Strawberry plants are perfect for beginner gardeners and are classed as perennial plants, meaning once planted, they'll grow back every year, producing fresh and tasty fruit. 
    Ten Strawberry Facts
  3. Despite their name including the word ‘berries’, strawberries aren’t actually considered true berries, like grapes or blueberries. Technically berries have their seeds on the inside, whereas strawberries have their seeds on the outside and are considered to be a separate fruit by botanists.
  4. Strawberries contain more vitamin C than oranges. Just 10 large strawberries contain 14% more vitamin C than found in a large orange. Does it count mixed with Pimm’s or a serving of freshly whipped cream though? 
    Ten Strawberry Facts
  5. There are more than 30 unique strawberry varieties grown in the UK, and each has its own unique taste, colour and shape.
  6. Strawberries are featured in poems dating back to the 1st century AD and are one of the earliest fruits mentioned in literature. Although, many people thought of them as ornamental fruit rather than food.
  7. Strawberries are members of the rose family and are part of the subfamily Rosoideae. Strawberries are one of several types of fruit-bearing plant that produces clusters of fruit from a single flower. 
    Ten Strawberry Facts
  8. You can get yellow and white strawberries, although most in the UK are a vibrant red. White strawberries are called pineberries and apparently taste more like pineapple.
  9. According to the BBC, roughly 27,000 kilos of strawberries are eaten during the Wimbledon Championships, paired with 7,000 litres of cream! We couldn’t think of anything better - summer, strawberries, and tennis!
  10. Sophie’s Strawberries design is perfect for making a timeless but classic statement in any home this summer with table linens, kitchenware, picnicware and beautiful stoneware! 
    Ten Strawberry Facts

Do you have any fun facts about strawberries, or perhaps you've got your eyes on something new from Sophie's Strawberries collection? Let us know in the comments below. 

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