Behind The Scenes Of Our Cheetah & Elephant Photoshoot

Behind The Scenes

behind the scenes - ZSL photo shoot

Our recent launch of the Animals of the Savannah Collection has been unpredictably coupled with a prolonged heat wave here in the UK – so much so that we’ve got more in the spirit of the savannah than we ever could have anticipated! Fortunately, we were able to seek some shade on the day of our Cheetah & Elephant photoshoot. Here’s a sneak peek of what we got up to…

First up was some arts and crafts DIY, along with carefully positioning the props. “Here’s one I prepared earlier!”

We kitted out the cooker with all the essentials in the striking forest green Cheetah design - a tea towel, double oven gloves, roller hand towel, pot grab... and of course round hob covers!

Once the elected chef was happy with the banquet, we moved on to setting up the table shot.

Glassware polished and food served up, the perfect Savannah themed dinner party was carefully laid out.

There were plenty of volunteers to devour these delicious pineapple rich dishes after a long day!

Once the fun was over it was time to wash up. The colourful Elephant tea towel and apron did brighten up the chore though! What’s your favourite Savannah animal?

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  • Wow, just stumbled on your range, hopefully I will get the chicken bread bin for my birthday! I would be really interested to know what is being served in the pineapple 🍍on the savannah photo shoot? Thanks Emily

    Emily on

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