Stag Bronze Sculpture
Stag Bronze Sculpture
Stag Bronze Sculpture

Stag Bronze Sculpture

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The beautiful, hand-finished Bronze Stag Sculpture adds character and elegance to any dining or drawing room. It’s a stylish, proud, artisanal piece that works as well inside as it does outdoors in a natural garden setting.

The Bronze Stag is a weighty piece standing at 85cm and 7.32kg. The statue is made from heavyweight bronze and is perfectly suited to life in its original habitat as the finish is 100% weatherproof. We also stock a collection of these sculptures casting different animals - including a pheasant and an adorable pair of boxing hares.

The lost-wax process is an age-old technique by which foundry experts pour molten metal into a wax mold to cast novel shapes. The heat from the metal melts the wax and leaves you with the piece, in this case, a lovely stag made from bronze.

Unlike real stags, we recommend cleaning the sculpture with a soft brush and wax. If kept outside the statue will, in time, develop a surface tarnish, called a patina. This natural weathering adds character and variation to the work and will distinguish the individuality of your piece.

Naturally occurring deposits might occur as part of the casting process - but they're easily removed with non-abrasive cleaning products. Protecting the bronze is simple - just make sure not to use too much force (to avoid damaging the character of the patina or the metal itself).

Features of the Bronze Stag Sculpture

  • Made from a heavyweight bronze
  • Cast by the lost wax method
  • Hand finished
  • The Stag stands 85cm high
  • It is 48 cm at its widest point, across the antlers
  • The length of the sculpture is 63cm
  • 100% weatherproof
  • Suitable for displaying indoors or outdoors
  • Total Weight: 7.32kg

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