Our Strategy Our Strategy

To achieve our sustainability goals and commitments, we are developing a sustainability strategy which targets how we measure our impact, as well as researching the appropriate accreditations and certifications to work towards. This will help to provide an overall integrated framework. Our strategy has been divided into four areas:

  • Suppliers

    With global suppliers based all over the world, including India, China, UK, and the rest of Europe, we are committed to sourcing quality products from areas that specialise in their industries. We acknowledge that there is a responsibility towards our supply chain, to ensure that standards and accreditations are upheld with regards to working conditions and workplace standards within our
    people pillar. Our goal is to develop and implement a Sophie Allport standard supplier agreement. We are working with our suppliers to understand their sustainability policies and monitoring the independent accreditations our suppliers work towards.

  • In-House UK Operations

    We understand that change starts at home. Our long-term goal is to calculate our carbon footprint, measure and work towards targets for waste and energy reduction, and establish a carbon offsetting scheme. From joining environmental schemes to enforcing energy audits and reducing plastic use, we are striving to do better, implementing changes, and working to make progress. A large part of our in-house UK operations involves our employees, who have always been a huge part of our business, and we are committed to ensuring we have a comprehensive set of social, ethical and health and safety policies, which are communicated and implemented throughout.

  • LOGIstics

    With suppliers based across the world this means we ship goods to the UK, and then dispatch orders to our customers from our fulfilment centre in Lincolnshire. Our long-term goal is to measure, improve and offset our carbon footprint from the transportation of goods in and out. We are also working with our logistics partners to understand their sustainability policies.

  • Product & Packaging

    Reviewing the sustainability of our raw materials and manufacturing processes means that we can set targets and liaise with suppliers to improve the sustainability of our products and packaging. As well as reviewing materials and processes, we are continually working to improve the quality of our products, allowing our customers to enjoy their products for longer.