Curtains by Sophie Allport


Excellent for adding a stylish touch to any home interior, our range of Sophie Allport curtains will brighten up any window, as well as add texture and an extra layer of warmth during the colder months. We have a lovely selection to choose from, including ready-made curtains, as well as bespoke made to measure curtains. Perfect for any room in the home, from your living and dining room to bedroom or office, we've even got a wide selection perfect for children's rooms too.

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The Benefits of Curtains

Curtains are an excellent way to change up the style in your home interior, but they also have extra added benefits each season. We have a wide range of made to measure curtains and ready made curtains in Sophie Allport's popular designs.

Throughout the autumn and winter months, we want our home to be a cosy place ready for cold chilly nights where you can be warm indoors. Curtains can help create a cosy environment as well as add warmth to your room with their thermal properties. When ordering made to measure curtains throughout autumn and winter, you should consider adding a layer of interlining to your curtain fabric. Interlined curtains have an extra layer of fabric between the lining and the face fabric. This helps the curtain appear fuller, but it can also have added thermal qualities, helping to trap the heat in your home, as well as block draughts. You can also choose to select your main lining as thermal; this will ensure the room is insulated to a high standard and can help keep your home warmer.

During the spring and summer months, we have earlier sunrises and later sunsets. Having a blackout lining will mean you won’t get disturbed by the morning sun as you enjoy quality sleep. Blackout lining is a great way to block out the sunlight from your home and allows you to achieve total light control and absolutely privacy too. Blackout curtains are fantastic for children’s rooms and nurseries and will allow you to block out the light as they go down for their daytime nap. We’ve got a wide range of children’s curtains in Sophie’s playful kid's designs.

The Benefits of Curtains