Keep the kids entertained throughout lockdown 2021

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Keep the kids entertained throughout lockdown 2021

Parents all around the country have once again become their children's teachers which can be a little overwhelming, especially when you're juggling working from home and trying your best not to let the house turn into a tip. We've put together a list of tips and online resources you can use to keep them occupied.

  1. Plan their day - If you’re working from home, you might find it hard to juggle your work life with home-schooling and keeping the kids entertained. It’s a lot to take on. Planning ahead can really help manage your time and theirs too. Sit down with your kids each morning, plan out their day with them, talk to them about their homework and set a few tasks to complete. 

    Keep the kids entertained throughout lockdown 2021

  2. Keep it creative and fun - Why not learn all about a different country for a whole day using the internet? Take a trip to Italy from your own home, have your children recreate the Italian flag using crayons, pencils and paints, get them to find the destination on a map, and learn how to say ciao bella! When it comes to the evening time, keep the theme going and ask them to help make their very own pizza Italia! Every few days choose a new destination to learn about; this is a great way to teach your kids all about geography, history and food in a fun way which involves the whole family. 

    Keep the kids entertained throughout lockdown 2021

  3. PE with Joe Wicks - Yes, he is back for this lockdown every Monday, Wednesday and Friday live over on his Youtube channel at 9am. It's not just for the kids, but adults can get involved too. It’s an excellent way for the kids to start the day, get out any morning energy and keep them entertained.
  4. Celebrity supply teacher - There are 40 episodes available on the BBC iPlayer, each lasting only 10 minutes, these mini-lessons range from English and Geography to Sign Language and Spanish. You'll find plenty covering all basis, and it’s an excellent way to spark your kid's interests into different topics of learning too. 

    Keep the kids entertained throughout lockdown 2021

  5. Virtual tours of museums and historic places - There are so many attractions providing free virtual tours online, which can be a great way to keep kids of all ages occupied. Ask them to travel back in time looking at different artifacts from the British Museum or give them a tour of Buckingham Palace, giving them a chance to learn more about this historic building and the British royal family.
  6. Enter learning competitions - Head over to Young Writers, who have competitions running for kids of all ages from under 5's up to 18-year-olds. There really is something for everyone from writing their first early years poem to drafting a mini crime and mystery saga for the older kids. 

    Lockdown kids activities 2021

  7. Draw with Rob - Children's author and illustrator, Rob Biddulph has created draw-along videos for your children to have a go at creating the fun characters themselves. Every week he draws something different, often from one of his books including an alligator, dragon or alien. This is a wonderful way to get your children's creativity flowing, with each video lasting between 10 and 30 minutes. All they need is paper and a pencil. Head over to his Youtube channel here to find out more. 

  8. Story time with famous faces - Save The Children asked some of the world's most famous faces to read a variety of children's books during the lockdown last year, and these are still available on YouTube! Perfect for settling them down in the afternoon, there are 75 different stories to choose from, including Kate Winslet reading The Cat in the Hat to Eddie Redmayne’s rendition of Zog. Watch them here.

Have you got any top tips for keeping the kids entertained throughout lockdown? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out our wonderful blog talking about keeping motivated and staying positive

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  • children learn when they are happy. Spend time at the beginning of each day with them doing a regular activity so that they have a pattern to the day and feel inputted and valued. Read to them – good old fashioned books with a good story line and a moral theme. like Heidi or the Secret Garden. Let them cook – and enjoy washing up afterwards and mop[ing the floor – it can all be a game. Enjoy them!

    Priscilla Smith on

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