5 Lockdown Tips For Staying Motivated and Keeping Positive

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A national lockdown is daunting enough on it's own, and that’s without adding home-schooling, working from home, not seeing our friends and family, plus everyday life into the mix. We know it’s been tough for everybody, but as we are now coming into the heart of the lockdown, we thought we’d share our tips for staying motivated and keeping positive!

  1. Start the day the right way - A cup of positivi-tea or your morning coffee (whichever you prefer) and a healthy breakfast to kick start your day. Whilst eating your breakfast, think about five things that you are grateful for today, they can be as simple as ‘I’m grateful for blue skies and the shining sun’ or 'I'm grateful for a hot morning cuppa'.

    5 Lockdown Tips For Staying Motivated and Keeping Positive
  2. Exercise - If you are beginning to feel down or low, head out for a walk in your local area. It’s good to get some fresh air, clear your mind and have a moment enjoying the great outdoors. Exercising is a great way to boost your mood as it releases endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in your body. 5 Lockdown Tips For Staying Motivated and Keeping Positive
  3. Video chat with your family and friends - It’s not the same as being able to hug one another we know, but right now it’s the next best thing. Speak to your loved ones as much as you can over the phone and through a video call. You can plan virtual events like quizzes, bake-offs or even have Friday night drinks or a virtual dinner party with your friends. 

    5 Lockdown Tips For Staying Motivated and Keeping Positive

  4. Plan your day - No matter what situation you are in, whether you are home-schooling or furloughed, working from home or even a key worker, write down a plan for each day. Creating a plan can give you something to focus on, something to achieve, or it may just help you organise your hectic day. It’s also so satisfying ticking off everything you have completed at the end of the day. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to fill your day with too many things, it could be as simple as just getting out of your PJs today! 

    5 Lockdown Tips For Staying Motivated and Keeping Positive

  5. Use your time wisely - When you've got nowhere to go or nobody to see at the weekend, it's so easy to spend it tucked under the duvet watching movies, but try and spend this time wisely. Do the things you love, whether that's painting and drawing, doing some DIY around the house, reading or even writing your very own book. You could also use this time to learn something new, perhaps a different language or maybe learning to knit. 

    5 Lockdown Tips For Staying Motivated and Keeping Positive

For those of you who are home schooling at the moment, read our blog on keeping the kids entertained throughout lockdown. What's keeping you motivated and positive throughout lockdown? Let us know below in the comments.


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