Sophie Allport Stamford Shop Celebrates One Year!

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Sophie Allport celebrates first high street shop one year anniversary

The 5th of May 2018 marked the one-year anniversary of our Stamford shop on the picturesque pedestrian high street. Hurray! Since then, a lot has changed in all aspects of the company. Many new smiling faces and new headquarters, along with team fundraising and plenty of parties. To mark the occasion, here’s a Q&A with the delightful staff members that help run the Sophie Allport shops.

Sophie Allport Stamford Shop

  1. Who works in the shops? There are six of us in total, we all alternate between the Stamford shop and Langtoft showroom. We love the variation, especially when customers recognise our faces from one shop to the other.
  2. How long have you been with Sophie Allport? Beth: I have been with Sophie Allport for just over two years, I manage the Stamford shop with my assistant manager Pippy. I initially worked in our Langtoft shop which is a short drive from our head office and Stamford. I now look after both stores with a fantastic team of creative individuals. Pippy: I’ve been part of the Sophie Allport team since the birth of our Stamford shop… well, the day before when it was all-hands-on-deck (or paintbrushes and price guns), to make the grand opening look perfect! It's been lovely to see the development of the shop, along with getting to know some regular customers in the Stamford community.
  3. Have you had any famous visitors to the shop? Excluding Sophie... Some of the girls have rubbed shoulders with Adam Henson, Clare Balding and Zara and Mike Tindall at Burghley Horse Trials last year.
  4. What’s your favourite Sophie Allport range? Our favourite range currently is Flamingo - now referred to in-store as “Mingo”. It was renamed after a very excited little person persistently protested until her Mummy bought her the adorable Flamingo shaped cushion. Sophie Allport Flamingo collection in the shop
  5. Do you have many tourists visit the shop, or is it mainly locals? We have such an eclectic mix of customers from families, students, ladies that lunch and lots of furry friends. Additionally, we have had people from all corners of the globe taking our products back home with them. Some include; Peru, South Africa, Canada, China and Fiji! The George Hotel and Burghley House bring lots of tourists to the area all year round, we are very lucky!
  6. What’s your favourite Sophie Allport home fragrance scent? The consensus of most of the team is Hedgerow Berries. It was released in Autumn 2017, however, the fresh fruity tones work well in all seasons. Both the candle and diffuser are a must in our homes! Home fragrance in the Stamford shop
  7. Do you have many 4-legged visitors? All the time - having furry friends visit the shop makes us all smile! We love kitting them out with a new neckerchief or just a general fuss and cuddle. When the sun is out we fill one of our adorable dog bowls with water to cool down those hot dogs.             Sophie Allport dogs in the shop
  8. What are your favourite things about Stamford? We love how much history surrounds us; the beauty of the Grade II listed buildings and homes, the quaint alleyways and cobbled streets all add to its special charm. It does also help to have it named one of the best places to live in the UK!
  9. Dogs or cats - and do you have any? We can't possibly start that debate amongst the shop team! Keeping in theme with Sophie Allport, Beth has 5 black Labs and Pippy has a Border Terrier. We love all furry creatures and each of us has either cats or dogs.
  10. Where would you go for a picnic in Stamford?  There are plenty of choices on a sunny day! The Meadows, Burghley Park or Rutland Water. We're all in love with the Runner Duck picnicware!  Sophie Allport picnicware at Stamford shop

    Pop in and say hello to Beth, Pippy and the team at the Stamford Shop: 26-27 High Street, Stamford. (Dogs are welcome too).

    • Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm
    • Saturdays - 9am - 5pm
    • Sundays - 10am - 4pm

    Click here for directions.

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