Q&A With Carol From Rose Field Cottage

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Q&A With Carol From Rose Field Cottage

If you adore the colour pink then you'll most certainly enjoy our Q&A with the lovely Carol from @carol_at_rose_field_cottage. We caught up with her to talk about her pretty home, everything pink and what projects she's got coming up.

Firstly for those who might not know – what’s your favourite colour?

Haha, this made me laugh! My favourite colour has to be pink. I think I have bits of pink in every room now. I would paint the exterior pink if I could get away with it, but think that’s pushing it a bit so will settle for a pink door instead. Pink is such a happy colour and makes me smile. 

What does your husband think about all the pink?

Do you know what, he’s actually ok with it ( I think he secretly loves it really!) He’s so laid back and is happy for me to just get on with it. Although I think it’s for a quiet life more than anything. He knows when I get something in my head I have to get it out of my system! Haha.

Q&A With Carol From Rose Field Cottage

How did you come about starting your Instagram account?

I really wanted to move house, but after looking at the prices of properties online we soon realised that for what we could afford, we would be moving to a much smaller property. So we decided to stay and make this house beautiful again. I started my Instagram account in January 2018 to document the changes we planned on making to the house. I absolutely love the insta interiors community and have met so many lovely people. 

Q&A With Carol From Rose Field Cottage

What do you love most about Rose Field Cottage?

Aww, that’s a tough one because I genuinely love everything about it, but I absolutely love my kitchen and garden. We had the kitchen put in when we first moved in in 2004 but have since painted the cupboards and changed the worktops and accessories and it’s still going strong. It really is the heart of the home. This year is the first year I have been interested in gardening. I honestly have no idea what I’m doing but I’m loving trying to make it pretty. We recently painted the patio flagstones and garden furniture and I love what we have achieved on such a tight budget. Just shows you don’t need to spend a fortune to make something look beautiful. 

Q&A With Carol From Rose Field Cottage

What is your favourite room?

My favourite room has to be the bathroom. I have always dreamed of owning a Rolltop bath, and since we have painted the cladding in a warmer grey and added more soft pink touches, I love it even more. It’s such a calm and relaxing room... and plus it’s the only room with a lock on the door so I’m guaranteed a bit of peace! Haha.

Q&A With Carol From Rose Field Cottage

We know you’ve recently repainted your hallway and bathroom, do you have any more projects coming up?

Oh, I love a good project. I’m not happy unless I have a paintbrush in my hand! I actually have a couple of projects planned. Layla has decided she wants a more grown-up room and that it’s too pink... I mean is she even my daughter! Too much pink! Is there such a thing?! So yeah her room is next and then the attic bedroom is going to get a little makeover. It’s not been touched since my eldest daughter moved out. 

You always seem so positive on stories, what are five things that make you smile?

Aww... I just love to make people smile so that makes me happy. Knowing my family and friends are safe and well. Painting definitely makes me happy. Oh and faffing! I’m not happy unless I’m moving things from one room to another and then back again! Haha and wine... wine makes me happy! 

Q&A With Carol From Rose Field Cottage

If you could invite any three people (past or present) round for dinner who would they be and why?

Ooh, my top 3 would have to be Micky Flanagan because he makes me laugh so much, to the point I can’t breathe for laughing! Stacey Solomon because I just love how down to earth and bubbly she is. And Adele because I love her music. I would make them my speciality of spicy chilli chicken pasta served up on pretty Sophie Allport peony placemats!

What’s something we might not know about you?

I was in the majorettes when I was little and we performed at Wembley and appeared on going live where we met Phillip Schofield!

Q&A With Carol From Rose Field Cottage


Flower? - Oh my... struggling to just pick the one! I love flowers. My favs have to be pink roses, tulips and peonies. Wish they were around for longer. 

Drink? - It has to be white wine. I love to put my feet up at the end of the day with a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc. 

Food? - Pizza... and can you believe I have only just discovered dominos pizza this year! 

Place? - My fav place has to be Salou. I absolutely love it. It’s so easy to get to I love that it has a theme park. I’m a sucker for scary rides!

Sophie Allport Collection? - My fav collection has to be the peony range. I absolutely love florals and it’s pink!

Sophie Allport Product? - My fav product is definitely the ironing board cover my hubby bought me for my birthday. It almost takes the chore out of ironing when you have something pretty to look at... almost!

Q&A With Carol From Rose Field Cottage

You can follow Carol's Instagram account: @carol_at_rose_field_cottage

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