5 Reasons Why Cats Make Great Pets


5 Reasons Why Cats Make Great Pets

Here at Sophie Allport, we try and make our pets feel special every day. However, did you know that the 8th of August is, in fact, International Cat Day? We’ve put together five reasons why cats make ‘purr-fect’ pets… 

International Cat Day

    1. They make great alarm clocks
      Nothing says ‘I love you’ from your feline friend more so than a wakeup call for food early in the morning. Their rise and shine strategies can range from jumping on you with their best Olympic dive, to snuffling in your ear to say ‘wake up!’ Why we love cats
    2. They make a good substitute for hot water bottles
      As the summer evenings begin to draw shorter and the air becomes slightly crisper, cats are a perfect lap companion to keep you warm whilst getting cosy in front of the television. Some moggies aren’t fans of PDA (personal displays of affection!) – if this is the case, one of our hot water bottles may be in order… Why cats make perfect pets
    3. They can provide evening entertainment for any dinner party
      With more and more cat toys available, there is endless entertainment for cats! Cardboard cut-out fire engines, wind-up mice and even laser pens (a personal favourite) – guests can be thoroughly entertained as well as your kitty while they chase that pesky red dot.
    4. They make great garden guards
      Although we may love our own cats, we’re not always so keen on other felines invading our space. Cats, by their nature, are very territorial creatures - so they like to let other visitors know who’s in charge. With this in mind, while you’re enjoy lounging around with a nice glass of wine in the evening, you can rest assured that your moggies are protecting your land. what cats make great pets
    5. And… because purring is one of the most relaxing sounds ever
      Our furry friends let us know when they’re happy and content by purring away – and we feel that this is one of the best sounds an animal can make.

    To celebrate our feline friends this week you can enjoy 20% off our Cat Collections. Offer ends Sunday at midnight.

    These are just some of the reasons we think that cats make great pets and we’re sure that you can all think of many more…

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