Behind The Scenes Of Our Zebra Launch

Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes Of Our Zebra Launch

It’s a cold, wet day in December, and the plan for the day is to photograph the new Spring Summer 2020 Zebra Collection, from making use of the natural light (the little we have) to keeping any Christmas decorations and trees out of sight.

First up is setting the table, folding the napkins and choosing the foliage. The striking zebra placemats and napkins stand out so beautifully against the crisp white tablecloth, creating an elegant table setting which makes the perfect dinner party scene for family and friends.

Behind the scenes Zebra

Next up is setting the stove, displaying the new zebra double oven gloves, tea towel, hob covers and mugs. The lightboxes come in handy this time of year, especially with the dark winter days. The much-needed coffee machine taking centre stage here.

Zebra Behind the Scenes

Outside, Sophie is making use of the new zebra umbrella, we’re happy waiting inside and keeping dry.

Zebra Collection by Sophie Allport

From table settings and kitchen linens to new scarf accessories and bags, the team have finished for the day, and it’s time to hang up our oven mitts and call it a wrap.

Zebra photoshoot

The new Zebra Collection features Sophie’s illustration of the endangered Grévy's zebra, which is patterned with its distinctive black and white stripes, upright manes and large ears. The new collection is in collaboration with ZSL and will help raise funds for the international conservation charity. Take a peek at the final shots from the photoshoot below! How beautiful does this stove look?

New homes ware kitchen collection

Zebra Napkins

Do you love zebras as much as we do? View our Zebra Collection and create your own beautiful table setting. We’d love to know your thoughts on the new design, let us know in the comments below.


  • Absolutely love he Zebra collection I ADORE zebras they are my fav animal on the world!!!! Will you be getting more of the standard size mugs in stock if so I will defo make a purchase alongside the oven gloves and apron!!!!! LOVE THIS COLLECTION!!!!!

    Holly on

  • I have LOVE the elephant and cheetah SO much ( I have lots!!) but sorry to say not loving the zebra because of the coloured bits on them. I know its a personal thing but I would have loved to have mixed it with the other African animals. They are such perfect colours etc and look so in place in Africa! I support the Grevy trust in Kenya (they have just done a count of these very endangered zebra) and its wonderful the African animals are supporting conservation. Thank you I will send you photos of your elephant and cheetah stuff on safari in Kenya if you would like!!!

    Karenza Howard-Williams on

  • Love this design ! It looks so striking and modern. Pleeeeeease do dalmatians next !

    Ailsa Chambers on

  • What a gorgeous design the Latest Zebra print is. Will definitely be ordering this – will go with my grey kitchen perfectly. You are SO talented Sophie

    Caroline Kerr on

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