Top 10 Things To Pack When Travelling With Your Dog

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Holidays are so much more fun when your dog comes along too! And since our dogs have been such wonderful friends to us over lockdown, it's a great idea to reward them by taking them on a dog-friendly break. And whether its a weekend getaway to a country house hotel in the country, a celebration with friends in a manor house, or a weeks long beach escape in a country cottage by the sea, there are a few essentials to take along with you to ensure you and your best furry friend comes totally prepared and ready for fun! 

Top 10 Things To Pack When Travelling With Your Dog

Here are our list of essentials:

  1. A Spare Lead - It's always wise to take a spare lead. If you are going on a long country walk and you have let your dog off the lead, it's so easy to drop the lead out of your pocket or hand without even noticing so we always recommend taking a spare one. Also consider taking a long lead so you can let your dog a chance to explore and a shorter one when you need to keep them close. Dogs love a change or scene just as much as we do and so now's the time to book an autumn break with country walks from the door. 
    Top 10 Things To Pack When Travelling With Your Dog
  2. A Dog Bed - Yes, a lot of hotels do supply dog beds but it's always useful to take a dog bed with you just in case. It's very handy to have in the back of the car so that your dog can go to sleep on a long journey and it will also give your dog a sense of security in unfamiliar surroundings. 
    Top 10 Things To Pack When Travelling With Your Dog
  3. Dog Food And Bowls - Even though some hotels offer doggie dining and supply food, it's a good idea to bring along your own dog food and bowls. Some dogs, particularly those with delicate stomachs, will fare better with their own food. Remember to take enough for your entire stay. 
    Top 10 Things To Pack When Travelling With Your Dog
  4. A Bottle Of Water And Travel Water Bowl - It's always handy to have a travel water bowl to take with you for long car journeys. A collapsible bowl will also come in handy on a long dog walk which can easily be stored with a bottle of water in a backpack and is infinitely preferable to your dog drinking from puddles.
  5. Jacket Or Doggie Sweater - For a Christmas escape, or longer winter walks in the Lake District or Scotland, a jacket or sweater can prove invaluable to keep your pooch nice and cosy or to protect them from the rain. They are particularly useful for dogs that don't have a lot of fur to keep them warm.
    Top 10 Things To Pack When Travelling With Your Dog
  6. Dog Treats - Your dog will be thrilled if you remember to take along their favourite treats. They are useful on long journeys to keep your dog from getting bored and also for recall when your dog is off the lead.
  7. Dog Toys - Again many hotels will supply a dog toy along with a bed and treats but just like children your dog will want to take their favourite toy with them. A squeaky toy is great for keeping your dog entertained in the car and in the room. Also take along with you a ball to play fetch  or a frisby if you have booked your 2022 holiday in Devon or Cornwall as they can join in the fun with games on the sand.
    Top 10 Things To Pack When Travelling With Your Dog
  8. Blanket And Towel - Nervous dogs in particular will love the cosiness of a familiar blanket in their basket to make them feel secure. It will also be useful to help them sleep on car journeys. Your dog is bound to get muddy on country walks so it's essential to bring along a towel for wiping muddy paws before returning to your hotel or cottage. Some hotels and cottages have handy wash stations where your doggie towel will also come in useful for drying them off before going back to the hotel.
  9. Poo bags - A definite must. Have one handy for walkies at service stations on your way to your destination and also for early morning and late night strolls at your hotel or cottage and also when you are out and about. Also always keep a stash in the car just in case you run out.
  10. Medicine and Vetline - Always remember to bring along your pet's medicine as there may not be a vet handy whilst you are away. Ticks can be found in some parts of the country so it's always a good idea to bring along a tick-remover and for peace of mind PetsPyjamas offer a free 24 hour VetLine access the entire duration of your stay.
Top 10 Things To Pack When Travelling With Your Dog



  • We too have much loved dachshunds who have SA collars and other doggie essentials.. Would like to obtain and will follow with interest. X

    Jane Byrne on

  • Dear Sophie We love the range of all your delightful little dachshund offerings! I am Nutmeg (a mini wire-haired dachs) and I’ve even written my own book – ‘I CAN FLY’ (she can too!)) and I help my Mum produce ‘Feel Good’ cards featuring me for all sorts of different occasions"! So – me and my Mum really appreciate everything to do with my own kind and we are going to be very happy shopping for Christmas on your site as we have so many friends who also have mini dachshunds. thank you for all the things I already have with love from Nutmeg Vere Nicoll please look at my book and cards if you have a moment at: thank you with love from me and my Mum – Nutmeg xx

    Ginny >VERE NICOLL on

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