How To Recover Your Summer Deck Chairs

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How to recover a deck chair

Are you looking to get crafty and add a Sophie Allport splash to your outdoor summer furniture? Well, if you’ve got some old deck chairs that need a little TLC, or maybe you want to change up your design to something new, then we have you covered! It’s out with the old and in with the new. We’ve got a simple step-by-step guide on recovering your deck chairs this summer with our beautiful Fabric By The Metre.

deck chair ready on beach with Sophie Allport teal blue bees fabric

What you need to recover a deck chair:

DIY deck chair using Sophie Allport teal blue bees fabric by the metre

How to recover a deck chair:

  1. Measure your deck chair frame (inner width and length) and add 4cm for your seam.
  2. Use these measurements and cut your Sophie Allport fabric to size.
  3. Fold the vertical (longer sides) of your fabric in by 2cm, and pin. Sew here on both sides. This will create a tidy edge for your deck chair.
  4. To make the rod pockets, measure the top bar to the inside bar of your deck chair. Do this for both ends.
  5. Fold the fabric (shorter sides) in by the same measured distance on both the bottom and the top. Pin approximately 3cm in from the fold and sew here. This will make the pockets for your deckchair rods to sit in and is what will hold your fabric in place on your chair.
  6. Thread your fabric through the top of your deck chair frame and insert the rods through the fabric pockets and into their gaps. Finally repeat this for the bottom end. 
  7. Pour yourself a drink, grab a book and enjoy basking in the sun in your new deck chair!

Have you had a go at recovering a deck chair? Let us know how you got on in the comments below! 

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