Mediterranean Home Inspiration: 5 Ways To Embrace The Trend

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Mediterranean Home Inspiration: 5 Ways To Embrace The Trend

Mediterranean living is a trend that’s been on the rise throughout the years, and it’s something we are loving! Cool colours paired with natural materials add holiday sunshine to the home, introducing elegance and charm with a fresh and natural feel. We’re looking at how you can embrace the Mediterranean inspiration trend and include it in your home with five simple tips.

Add earthy tones 

A great way to include Mediterranean living into the home is using by earthy tones throughout - think greens and silvery blues paired with warm neutrals. These beautiful hues will have a cool and calming effect on your living space and work perfectly to add a sense of tranquillity and peace – everything we love when we escape and travel. This Olive table setting below is perfect for inviting friends and family over and celebrating in style, whether it’s a family occasion or a summer soiree.

Mediterranean Home Inspiration: 5 Ways To Embrace The Trend


Embrace patterns inspired by Mediterranean living 

Invite the outdoors in and include inspirational patterns throughout the home – we particularly love how Sophie’s Olive design adds elegance and charm to everyday living. The mood board below offers inspiration for creating a calming but warm space in the home, as well as being an instant mood enhancer. Sophies Olive collection is inspired by Mediterranean living, offering a feeling of warmth, joy and sun-kissed summer skin. Painted against a neutral rustic background, the olive leaves hold fabulous tones of greens and silvery blues that add a fresh and natural feeling.

Mediterranean Home Inspiration: 5 Ways To Embrace The Trend

Introduce natural materials

Using natural materials throughout the home can introduce texture and warmth into the space. Materials such as linen and wood can uplift the areas, and combined with earthy rustic materials, can create a pleasing summer aesthetic – think about swapping metallic vases and planters with cooler ceramics and stoneware, this adds a softer effect.

A wooden Oak Bar Stool at the breakfast table or island unit will complement any style of kitchen décor and elevates the room. Whilst Sophie’s Olive table and kitchen fabrics are made from 100% linen. Linen gives a beautiful natural feel and can elevate homes. It is known for its strength and durability and is also hypoallergenic, making it suitable for those with allergies and sensitive skin. It's also naturally anti-bacterial and will soften over time.

Mediterranean Home Inspiration: 5 Ways To Embrace The Trend

Let in the light

A great way to incorporate Mediterranean living into the home is by opening the curtains and blinds and letting in the light. You can’t go wrong with a white or neutral room – white reflects sunlight and will bounce natural light around the home, creating a bright and airy space. It’s important to ensure that white spaces feature texture, otherwise, they can feel cold – incorporate the tips above and introduce natural materials into the home.

Mediterranean Home Inspiration: 5 Ways To Embrace The Trend

Include Mediterranean plants

Consider adding Mediterranean-style plants to the home. Fill a rustic stoneware vase with faux Olive sprays to make a beautiful arrangement or centrepiece on a tablescape. Pot on any house plants that you may have into terracotta pots, the natural materials paired with colourful tones will instantly revive the space, offering yet another texture.

Mediterranean Home Inspiration: 5 Ways To Embrace The Trend

Are you planning to incorporate this summer trend into your home this year? We’d love to hear about your plans - let us know in the comments below.

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  • I was gifted the Bees oven glove and have just ordered the matching tea towels to complement my new kitchen. I live on the coast in Turkey so I am also going to start collecting the olive range. The products are beautiful and extremely well made, thank you.

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