How To Make A Spring Wreath

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How To Make A Spring Wreath

Seasonal wreaths are becoming popular all year round as we decorate our home in the light of the season, and spring sees budding flowers, an abundance of colour as well as vibrant greenery. Wreaths create beautiful door displays as well as giving you that ‘welcome home’ feeling. We’ve teamed up with the lovely Donna Willingham from The Country Garden Florist to create this step by step guide for making a spring wreath of your own at home. 

Step 1. Gather your supplies

You may have some supplies at home already, you can even head out to the garden and cut flowers of your own, or you may want to purchase a kit that has everything you need to create a DIY wreath. What you need:

  • Wreath frame
  • Wire reel
  • Selection of foliage and twigs: we’ve used fern, pistache, myrtle, saliam and twisted willow twigs
  • Flowers: we’ve used tulips, narcissi, wax flower, solidago, statice
  • Moss
  • Water tubes
  • Bowl of water
  • Ribbon
  • Extra decorations – we’ve used eggs for an Easter feel

Make a DIY Spring Wreath

Step 2. Attach your wire reel to your frame

You want to begin by adding moss to the frame to create the structure of the wreath. To keep the moss in place, use the wire reel to wrap around the moss. First, you want to attach the reel wire to one of the posts on your frame, wrap it around the top until it’s secure, as you can see below.

Make a DIY Spring Wreath

Step 3. Add moss to your frame

Once your wire reel is attached, you can then begin to add your moss. Take handfuls of moss at a time and lay it over the frame. You don’t want these to be too thick or thin, as you’ll need to be able to wrap the wire around the moss as you go to keep it in place. Do this all the way around until the entire frame is complete and covered in moss. Don’t cut your wire off just yet, as we will use this to attach spring flowers and foliage too.

Make a DIY Spring Wreath

Step 4: Pop your flowers in water tubes

To keep your spring flowers fresh, we have used water tubes. Grab a bowl filled with water and fill up your tubes, and then add your flower stems into each one.

Make a DIY Spring Wreath

Step 5: Start adding foliage, twigs and spring flowers

Now your base is ready and you have your flowers prepared, you can begin to add your foliage and flowers to your wreath. Take a small bunch of foliage and layer it onto the wreath, then wrap your wire reel tightly around the base of the bunch a few times to hold it in place and secure it to the frame. Leave your statice and solidago to the side for now as we will add this to the wreath later. 

Make a DIY Spring Wreath

Continuing doing this all the way around, and at regular intervals, you should lay in your flowers by wrapping the wire reel around your water tubes. Ensure that you overlap each bunch slightly to ensure there are no gaps.

Make a DIY Spring Wreath

Step 6: Tuck your final bunch in and add statice and solidago

With your last bunch, you should layer it under the first one to avoid any gaps in the wreath. This will create a seamless circle. Poke through your statice and solidago into your wreath, this will add an abundance of colour and the moss will hold it in place. 

Make a DIY Spring Wreath

Step 7: Cut your wire and create a loop for hanging

To ensure that you can hang your wreath, you’ll need to make a loop. Cut your wire, leaving about 30cm left to make your loop, then feed your wire through the reel frame and moss and wrap the remaining wire around the base of the loop you have created to hold it in place. Push the end of the wire into the moss. You can also use ribbon or string to hang your wreath, like we have below, just ensure it’s strong enough to hold the weight of the wreath first. 

Make a DIY Spring Wreath

Step 8: Add your decorations to your wreath

We’ve made our wreath perfect for Easter by adding some egg decorations. We’ve just used a hot glue gun to stick these onto the foliage. You can also tie a ribbon onto your wreath for a beautiful finish. 

Make a DIY Spring Wreath

Step 9: Hang your wreath on your front door

Now that your wreath is complete, you can proudly hang it on your front door for a hoppy home!  

Make a DIY Spring Wreath

See our little video below of Donna going through each step! Have you had a go at making a DIY wreath of your own for spring or Easter? We'd love to hear all about how you got on, let us know below in the comments. 

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