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Gift Wrapping Tips 2020 by Sophie Allport

We've all been there, you've found the perfect Christmas gifts for friends and family, and now it's all about the presentation. Your presents deserve to look as special on the outside as they are inside. At Sophie Allport, we've got a beautiful range of gift wrap and ribbons available for you to spruce up your presents this year. Read our gift-wrapping tips for beautifully wrapped presents this season.

Gift Wrapping Tips 2020 by Sophie Allport

1. Choose a wrapping paper to make them smile

There's nothing like receiving a beautifully wrapped present that makes them happy, so choose a wrapping paper that you know will put a smile on your recipient’s face. All of our high-quality wrapping paper and roll wraps are covered in Sophie’s fun and playful designs. 

Gift Wrapping Tips 2020 by Sophie Allport

2. Mix and match your wrapping paper

Mix and match your paper so that all of your gifts don't look exactly the same or you can choose a different design for each person to mix it up a little. Our Fetch Roll Wrap is perfect for dog lovers and pawents, whereas our Partridge in a Pear Tree is excellent for those who love a traditional Christmas look.

Gift Wrapping Tips 2020 by Sophie Allport

3. Pop your gift into a box before wrapping

To make your wrapping as simple as possible, pop your present into a box, it’ll make it so much easier when it comes to wrapping them. Some gifts may already come in a gift box like our fine bone china mugs and cosy slippers. Always remember to check and remove the price tag from your gift too.

Gift Wrapping Tips 2020 by Sophie Allport

4. Create a wrapping station

Choose a designated place where you’ll do all your Christmas wrapping. Ensure that you have everything you need close by including your wrapping paper, scissor, cello-tape, ribbon, twine and gift tags. We’d highly suggest warming up a mince pie, pouring yourself a glass of something tasty, listening to some Christmas music and getting into the festive spirit. 

Gift Wrapping Tips 2020 by Sophie Allport

5. Gift bags are essential

For those awkward bottles, or if your just not the best gift wrapper (there's always one in the family), then opt for a gift bag instead of wrapping your presents. Gifting a bottle of wine? Simply wrap one of our beautiful tea towels around the bottle, then simply pop into one of our wine bottle gift bags for something a little different.

Gift Wrapping Tips 2020 by Sophie Allport

6. The finishing touches are everything

Always go that extra mile, once your gift is wrapped and ready to go add those finishing touches. Use ribbon or twine and tie around your box for a professional finish and then complete with a beautiful bow on top.

Gift Wrapping Tips 2020 by Sophie Allport

7. Don't forget the gift tags

Finally don't forget to write your gift tag out immediately after you've wrapped each present. There's nothing like wrapping all your presents and then realising you have no clue which one belongs to who. 

Do you have any tips or tricks on how to wrap the perfect present? We'd love to hear all about them, let us know in the comments below.

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