5 Tasty Treats For British Sandwich Week

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5 Tasty Treats For British Sandwich Week

Being British means we love a variety of things; fish and chips, a spot of afternoon tea and of course a sandwich! We are devoted to bread filled with loveliness and when it comes to our love for sandwiches, we like to stay to true to them. We opt for the classics; cheese and tomato, tuna and cucumber, corned beef or simple ham. But how can we make our favourite sandwiches fun again?

It’s British Sandwich Week, so we’ve whipped up some mouth-watering alternatives for you to try. It’s just the right occasion to embrace the sandwich in all it’s glory and rustle up something special. Celebrate by adding some extra flavour to the traditional sandwiches we all know and love. Tasty treats this way…

  1. Corned Beef Sandwich with a twist. Corned beef and Swiss cheese, yes please! This simple corned beef on rye bread sandwich recipe is the perfect weekend pick-me-up. Try the homemade Russian dressing with a dash of horseradish for a sandwich with a slight kick. 5
  2. Flavoursome Fried Egg sandwich. Egg sandwiches are a classic and if we were to choose a go-to sandwich, it would most definitely be at the top of our list. But the beauty of egg sandwiches is that they can come in many shapes and forms - scrambled, fried, hot or cold. Here at Sophie Allport, we all agree that this fried egg and caramelized onion recipe might just be the tastiest way to enjoy your egg sandwich. Here’s a three-step guide to getting them just right. Tasty for little ones packed lunches! 
  3. Shrimp sandwich.  Us Brits love a fish finger sandwich, but why not make a fish swap the next time you're craving a sandwich with seafood? Popcorn shrimp accompanied by some fresh crusty bread and some simple salad and dressing is a sandwich swap you’ll be glad you made. These sandwiches won't leave you hungry and they certainly won't leave you bored! Add a splash of lime juice for ultimate flavour. 5 Tasty Treats For British Sandwich Week Bees
  4. Spicy ham sandwich Ham sandwiches will forever be a lunchtime favourite. A sandwich that you enjoyed so much at school, that it remains one of the most important sandwiches as an adult. This spicy ham sandwich is packed with flavour and easy to throw together. Simple pepper, mustard and onions bring the traditional ham sandwich to life! 
  5. Melt your heart tuna sandwich Tuna sandwiches are one of the simplest to make and the easiest to play around with to enhance the taste. Try a warm tuna melt to make your heart happy this week. Add lots of love to your tuna sandwich by using plenty of different ingredients such as chopped celery, onions and garlic. We also recommend adding some peppers for the perfect crunch. This wonderfully yummy recipe will show you how to make a delicious tuna melt, packed with flavour5 Tasty Treats For British Sandwich Weeks Dragonfly
Hot, cold, fried or grilled, we were born and bread to love sandwiches! And for British Sandwich Week you should get creative when it comes to making your favourite snacks. Enjoy the different tastes each and every sandwich has to offer and find flavours exciting again.
    Which sandwich will you try this week?

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