Q&A With Hannah From @fiveatnumberthree

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Q&A With Hannah From @fiveatnumberthree

We've all needed a dose of vitamin sea in our lives recently, and Hannah from @fiveatnumberthree has truly provided that over on her Instagram page. She's created a gorgeous coastal-inspired bedroom using our Whales collection, and we're in love! We caught up with Hannah to talk about all things home interiors...

Q&A With Hannah From @fiveatnumberthree

Firstly, congratulations on the birth of your baby girl earlier this year! What is it like being a household of six now?

Thank you so much! Life is extremely busy, but we feel incredibly lucky and have absolutely loved watching the boys with their new baby sister over the last few months! She has stolen all of our hearts and I think she’s going to be very spoilt and well protected by her big brothers.

Q&A With Hannah From @fiveatnumberthree

We love your Instagram account. What made you start it initially?

Thank you! I’ve always enjoyed decorating our home, particularly the children’s bedrooms, as well as capturing moments with my children. I’m one of those people with thousands of photos on their camera roll! So my husband suggested I start an Instagram page as a place to keep them all, and it’s grown from there really! I had no idea there were so many other like minded people out there, and I’ve made some wonderful friends and gained lots of inspiration.

Q&A With Hannah From @fiveatnumberthree

Where do you get the inspiration for your home décor?

One particular piece of decor, paint colour or fabric will normally start me off, and I’ll build ideas around it. I get lots of inspiration from Instagram of course, as well as Pinterest and through online shopping.

What are your top tips for styling your home?

I like to keep things simple and balanced, and find that having a similar colour palette that you love, throughout your home, helps it to flow. Always go with ideas and pieces you love, your own style will never go out of fashion!

Q&A With Hannah From @fiveatnumberthree

What’s your favourite room in your home and why?

My favourite rooms are definitely the children’s bedrooms, I don’t think I can pick one! These are the rooms I have the most fun with, and I’ve been able to create some unique DIY projects in. We are currently working on some built in bunk beds in my little boys room which I can’t wait to finish!

We love the way you have used our Whales fabric in Rupert’s bedroom – what does he think of his coastal themed bedroom?

He loves it! He gave me the idea of a coastal theme, after becoming so interested in whales and sharks from his homeschooling. I saw the beautiful whales fabric and planned the whole room around it. It’s such a beautiful fabric, and I made him a Roman blind and some cushions from it. It’s a very calm and peaceful room, I’m a little jealous!

Q&A With Hannah From @fiveatnumberthree

You can invite three people around for dinner, past or present, who would you choose?

Ooh, good question! I think it would have to be Michelle Obama for the interesting conversation, Will Ferrell for the laughs, and Gary Barlow to serenade us!

Q&A With Hannah From @fiveatnumberthree

Quickfire round:

Favourite time of year? Christmas!
Favourite food? Cheese
Tea, coffee or wine? Can I say all three? 😜
Morning or night? Morning
Favourite Sophie Allport collection? Has to be coastal

Loved reading about and seeing Hannah's beautiful home? Follow her Instagram account here: @fiveatnumberthree and if you loved her Whales themed bedroom, then shop our Whales collection, with a range of bedding and cushions as well as kitchen linens and accessories. 

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