Puppy Love Q&A For International Dog Day

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Puppy Love Q&A For International Dog Day

We can't say no to a little bit of puppy spam, and to celebrate International Dog Day we've got exactly that! We caught up with the lovely Charlotte, pawrent of Marly and Misha, to talk all about puppies and training!

Puppy Love Q&A For International Dog Day

What’s it like to have lots of puppies at home?

It’s lots of work, that’s for sure! But so completely and utterly worth it. Seeing Marly be the most amazing mum is just the best feeling, and knowing we are going to keep a pup so we will have mum and daughter together makes it even more special.

What are your three top tips for puppy training?

  • Patience 
  • Praise 
  • Perseverance

Puppy Love Q&A For International Dog Day

What’s your favourite Sophie Allport design?

It has got to be the fab labs for sure! Having the typical lab colours makes it perfect. Across our generations of labs, we’ve had black, yellow and red, so it’s the perfect design.

Puppy Love Q&A For International Dog Day

What did you name your puppies?

All the puppies kennel club names are after Greek and Roman gods and goddesses. But their names were chosen by their forever owners; Jeff, Zeus, Lola, Luna, Nova, Maya, Ginger and Misha. 

What’s Marly/Misha’s favourite Sophie Allport product?

Misha’s favourite has definitely got to be her buzzy bee toy. She carries it around the house, proud as punch with it, and she loves retrieving it too.

I think Marly’s has got to be her bed. I take it everywhere with me for her as it’s very lightweight, so I can take it wherever I go so she can chill out on it. A new favourite is taking it to the beach at sunset.

Puppy Love Q&A For International Dog Day

What’s your best advise for something thinking about getting a dog?

Do your research thoroughly for reputable breeders who have all their health checks and documents ready for you to see. It’s a lot of hard work having a pup, and so many people think it’s going to be a walk in the park. But I always say what you put in is what you will get out, so the more time you spend training them and persevering with it, you will have the most incredible reward in a well-trained dog afterwards.

Puppy Love Q&A For International Dog Day

What do you love about labradors?

They are such a family dog, I’ve grown up with labs since I was a newborn, and their temperament (in my opinion) is second to none. They are so intelligent, kind, calm and loving, which is the perfect combination, and you can take them out for really nice long walks too, as they love to be out exploring.

Puppy Love Q&A For International Dog Day

If your dogs could speak English, what five things they’d constantly say?

Walkies, please?
Can you share the food you are eating, please?
Marly would say: ‘why have we got this puppy dog thing, she’s kind of annoying me all the time…’
Are you ok? (As Marly can always read emotions so well)
Misha would say: ‘you can’t be too cross with me when I give you my puppy dog eyes…’ - after she’s made some more “art” by destroying the toilet roll for the 3rd time...

Puppy Love Q&A For International Dog Day

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