Three Reasons the Forest is the Very Best Dog-Friendly Holiday


Three Reasons the Forest is the Very Best Dog-Friendly Holiday

Relax, you don’t need to leave your dog at home. We know that more and more of you want your dog to come on holiday too. Searches for ‘dog friendly accommodation’ have seen an upward trend and we can see why. We know that your dog is very much part of the family, and we know that pets love getting outside. The forest is the ultimate dog friendly holiday. Your dog won’t get bored in acres of lush woodland – and you won’t too. They’ll have gloriously muddy adventures, enjoying the fresh air and freedom to roam. Our friends at Forest Holidays have gathered just a few reasons the forest is their best holiday yet.

1. There's the very best walks 

Dogs love snuffling through the leaves, collecting sticks, splashing in streams and of course, finding every muddy puddle. Why not join them and go in search of local villages with cosy pubs, the perfect picnic spot or views you’ve never seen before.

A Forest Holiday is all about your very own cosy cabin, nestled away in the forest and surrounded by hundreds of walks we just know your dog will love.

Ultimate Dog Friendly Vacation Sophie Allport x Forest Holidays

2. It's a Home from Home too

You need to find somewhere to stay with enough space for you and your dog. The forest has all the space you need. Dogs want space to relax and a very warm welcome. Oh, and they want you to love every moment of their break too!

Forest Holiday’s cabins contain everything you need – and nothing you don’t. We like to think they-re the ultimate sanctuary to escape to. Just remember your dog’s bed and anything else they love at home. We’re sure they’ll want it nestled just in front of the log burner.

Ultimate Dog Friendly Staycation - Sophie Allport x Forest Holidays

3. Don't Travel too far from Home

There’s something rather magical about just taking a short drive and uncovering somewhere special. Somewhere that feels a world away, but all without the hustle and bustle of travelling too far from home. Britain is bursting with green spaces and beautiful woodlands, all with the promise of adventure. The beauty of Britain is that there really is something for everyone.

Ultimate Dog Friendly Staycation - Sophie Allport x Forest Holidays

Dogs don’t want to travel for hours in the car, so we think it’s important to choose somewhere fairly local. Discover the ultimate stress-free staycation at one of Forest Holiday’s 12 inspiring UK holiday locations. We’re tucked away in some of the UK’s most beautiful spots and we’re pretty sure there should be one close by.

Psst. Head to the Forest Retreat 

Our team love dogs. They keep an extra special tin of treats, just for your furry friends. We know some of the best local spots so just ask us. We can share the best dog walks, proper pubs that welcome dogs and other hidden gems we think you’ll love.

And while you’re in the Forest Retreat, join us for a hot chocolate with all the trimmings. It tastes even better with the view of the forest, we promise.

Ultimate Dog Friendly Staycation - Sophie Allport x Forest Holidays

If dogs could describe their idea of the perfect holiday, they would describe a Forest Holidays break. The outdoors is the wellness everyone needs, that’s dogs too. It keeps them healthy and happy, just like us. We know how much we need fresh air and freedom, and our dogs do too. The power of nature is quite simply phenomenal for us all.


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