Styled By You – Strawberries


Styled By You – Strawberries

We’re gearing up for a sweet summer with Sophie’s new Strawberries design, and we couldn’t help but share some of our favourite images styled by you!

A perfect picnic set up with @emmys_vintage_cottage

Strawberries Picnic Set Up From Sophie Allport

This dreamy Strawberries picnic set-up takes us back in time and is a great way to start summer. Pull up to your favourite hotspot with rolling hills overlooking the British countryside and tuck into a classic picnic filled with your favourites (ours would be little triangle sandwiches followed by scones topped with cream and strawberry jam for afters).

A sweet design for a classic kitchen with @homebytheloch

Strawberries Kitchen Aga Linens by Sophie Allport

If you’ve followed us for a while, you’ll know that we love anything classic and country, and we’ve fallen in love with this beautiful AGA cooker styled with Sophies Strawberries kitchen linens. If we lived here, you’d definitely find us baking some yummy treats every Sunday - how could you not?!

A tea party with a twist with @deecampling

Tableware in Sophie Allport's new Strawberries design featuring a white duck on the table

We’ll be playing ‘duck, duck, goose’ around this stunning table setting with Dee Campling’s adorable ducks, Sage & Onion. They make the perfect models for our Strawberries table setting! We couldn’t think of anywhere more perfect than here, enjoying a spot of lunch, reading a book and embracing the afternoon sun.

Summer styling made easy with @feathering_the_empty_nest

Sophie Allport's Strawberries Tea Towels hang from a butler country kitchen sink

Summer styling made simple with Sophie’s Strawberries Tea Towels from Elle at @feathering_the_empty_nest. Let’s face it the sink is out of bounds when it looks this good, especially filled with your favourite bunch of summer flowers picked from the garden! This timeless design will look classic and elegant for years to come!

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  • When I saw the first picture at the top of this feature article, I thought ‘Oh, what a gorgeous rug – I’ll have a look and see if Sophie sells those’, before realising that it was actually the DOG on top of the rug that was gorgeous (although the rug is nice too!), and I don’t suppose you sell those on your site? I hope not anyway! Slight disappointment, but never mind – my cat wouldn’t like it if I bought one of those ‘rugs’!

    Hazel O'Neill on

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