Spotlight On: Olive


Spotlight On: Olive

Guaranteed to add Mediterranean style to your home, this beautiful pattern is featured across table and kitchen linens, a selection of stoneware and decorative accessories. Discover Olive by Sophie Allport…

Spotlight On: Olive

The inspiration behind olive

Olive is a beautiful and simple design - it encapsulates summer living inspired by the Mediterranean. It offers a sense of warmth, joy and sun-kissed summer skin, reminiscent of family holidays or joyous moments of celebrating long, hot summer days with friends and family.

Summer living is at the core of the inspiration behind this design, paired with the feeling Sophie gets when she sits under her own olive trees at home. This design is all about bringing those sunshine moments into every aspect of life and inviting greenery into the home. 

Olive Essentials

Ideal for adding style to the home, we’re looking at three of our favourite Olive pieces.

1. Olive Linen Table Runner

A table runner instantly makes your setting more visually appealing and often can be used with coordinating fabric placemats and linens, as well as on its own. Using a table runner can help give your tablescape a symmetrical finish, defining your seating arrangements and anchoring cutlery, centrepieces and decorations.

Spotlight On: Olive

Sophie’s Olive table runner is made from 100% linen, offering a high quality and premium feel – we love how the olive leaves hold fabulous tones of greens and silvery blues and work brilliantly against the natural linen background. It offers elegance and charm whilst bringing the outdoors in.

Pair our Olive Table Runner with the matching 100% linen Napkins and Placemat for a finished look.

Spotlight On: Olive

2. Olive Linen Apron

An apron is an everyday kitchen staple, and not only does it protect your clothes from a baking mess, but it also helps get you into the cooking spirit. There’s something about popping on your apron before you start cooking, it transforms your mindset to cooking and baking for pleasure and enjoyment rather than necessity.

Also made from 100% linen, our beautiful Olive Apron will freshen up the kitchen and invites greenery into the home. Our aprons can even be personalised, making them special and unique, and an excellent gift idea for those that love to cook. Match with the Olive Double Oven Glove and Tea Towel for a coordinated kitchen.

Spotlight On: Olive

3. Olive Tray

A beautiful tray doubles up a decorative statement artwork in the home, as well as a practical essential for everyday living!

Made from birchwood sourced from an FSC-certified supplier, these beautiful Olive trays are perfect for serving drinks and snacks to guests in the matching Nibble Bowls, as well as displaying around the house to invite greenery into the home. Top tip: you can also use a tray to cover up any unsightly plug sockets in the kitchen!

Spotlight On: Olive

We’d love to hear about your favourite Sophie Allport design - let us know in the comments below. 

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  • Would you ever consider making a round tablecloth in the olive material?!

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