Seven Blooming Facts About Meadows


Seven Blooming Facts About Meadows

Meadows are essential for our ecosystem and offer a home to a wide range of wildlife from pollinators, small mammals and birds to amphibians and insects. To celebrate our Poppy Meadow collection, we’re sharing seven fun facts about meadows that we simply love!

A floral table setting featuring napkins, table runner, mugs, trays by Sophie Allport

  1. Meadows are home to approximately 3,500 animal species, giving them a space for nesting, protection against any elements, food and shelter.
  2. Meadows also benefit the environment in many ways, including protection against flooding, protection for the soil, they work as an air filter, and they help with oxygen production. 
    A floral apron featuring Sophie Allport Poppy Meadow design
  3. There are ancient meadows remaining today, they are a huge part of our history and heritage. Some of them are even as old as medieval cathedrals!
  4. An estimated 97% of wildflower-rich meadows have been destroyed since the 1930s and many wild meadow flowers are becoming increasingly threatened. According to Plantlife, Ragged Robin, a once common plant in damp meadows is heading toward being classed as threatened with extinction. 
    Poppies displayed in a white stoneware jar in a country kitchen
  5. You can create a wildflower meadow at home, and you don’t need a large area of land. All you need is a patch of grass in a sunny position, where you can plant small plug plants during autumn in sections across the lawn. Simply create a small whole, plant your plant and add a little compost to each to help it become established.
  6. The word meadow is derived from the Old English word “mædwe” meaning “a mown field” from the root element “me-“ meaning “to mow, cut down”. 
    Poppy Meadows tablescape by Sophie Allport
  7. You can now add a floral touch of meadows to your home with Sophie’s new Poppy Meadow design. From kitchen and table linens for a floral display to cushions and accessories which make excellent gift ideas for floral-loving friends!

Do you have a meadow or wildflower area in your garden? We’d love to hear about all the different plant species you have, perhaps it’s a range of multicoloured poppies, bluebells and cornflowers as featured on our Poppy Meadow design. We’d love to hear your thoughts about the design, let us know in the comment below.

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