At the table with Sophie Allport for National Pet Day


At the table with Sophie Allport for National Pet Day

At the table with… Sophie Allport for National Pet Day!

No connection quite compares to the one you have with your beloved pet. They are your support, your comfort and bring so much happiness. With countless pet designs, it’s safe to say we’re barking mad for our pets at Sophie Allport. This National Pet Day, we’re sitting down with Sophie herself to talk all about her beloved dogs!

Tell us a little bit about your dogs...

I have three in total! Florrie is my fox red labrador, she’s 11, which I can’t quite believe. You would have probably seen her in a lot of our dog photography over the years. Then we have Mabel, she’s our 7-year-old black lab, she and Florrie were my inspiration for our Fab Labs design years ago! Then finally, we have little Margot, my 3-year-old border terrier.

What do you love most about them?

They are all such characters! They bring so much love and laughter into the house and connect us even more as a family. We do have a giggle about all their weird and wonderful habits! My eldest son is currently away in Australia for a year and will call just to check in on the dogs, especially Florrie, now she is getting old.

What kind of personalities do they have?

They are all very different. Florrie has always been gentle and timid, even when we get a bottle of wine out of the fridge, she will scurry away as she hates the pop of a cork (bonfire night is a nightmare), but give her a ball, and she is a puppy again - she’s obsessed! And she loves walking between your legs!

We always have a giggle and say that Mabel is as daft as a brush! She still has a lot of energy and will always play with Margot, however, she will sometimes overdo it, and Margot will then hide under a hedge - she is 5 times her size! We call Mabel the “best behaved”, but she’s really not!

And Margot…. where do I start?! My boys always tease me that she is my favourite and can do no wrong! But she is a very very cute, well-behaved border terrier. She is my shadow and follows me everywhere, she’s even popped into our offices a few times to meet the team.

What’s their favourite things to do?

They love a long family walk with all five of us, especially to the beach! Another favourite is whenever I am peeling carrots, they will always be by my side waiting for a carrot stick - they could be off in the garden or curled up asleep, but as soon as the carrots come out, they are ready and waiting!

Have you always had pets?

Yes! When I was growing up I always had cats which I loved, they are much more independent, but I always dreamt of having dogs.

What’s your advice to someone thinking about getting a pet?

I do think pets make a house a home. They are an additional family member! They can be a lot of work, so you need to be fully prepared and do your research. Dogs need routine, from walking every day to socialising, just like us! And they do love bringing the outside in, expect mud, sticks and grass. Above all, they need love and plenty of cuddles!

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  • Hi, I have 2 Norfolk terriers Basil & Sybil. I would love to see some doggy designs with a Norfolk on them. 😊

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