Game, Set And Match! Why We Love Wimbledon


Game, Set And Match! Why We Love Wimbledon

Can you imagine a British summer without Wimbledon? We can't! Here at Sophie Allport, we love tuning into the BBC coverage of this brilliant sporting tradition, enjoying the vibrant greens, bright whites and endless anticipation of a win. And so what if we're not much good at wielding a racket ourselves!? It's the cheering on that counts! So, with our freshly cut cucumber sandwiches and our Union Jack picnic chairs at the ready, we want to invite you to celebrate all the things that are so wonderful about Wimbledon…

Why we love Wimbledon

  1. The spotless white outfits and immaculate green courts. A long afternoon, an emerald green tennis court and a blanket of grass cut to precisely eight millimetres: what's more evocative of a British summer than that?! Wimbledon is the last remaining grand slam to be played on grass (the US and Australia stopped playing on the grass a long time ago), and we can only imagine how fiddly the job of caring for the courts are for the skilled groundskeepers tasked with preparing them. But, we're grateful for their efforts... a green centre court dotted with players in crisp tennis whites is precisely what we love, setting the scene for pride and passion, sadness and sweaty defeat: exactly what we tune into Wimbledon for! Wimbledon - why we love it - British summer
  2. The fans. With a glass of Pimms in one hand and a punnet of strawberries in the other, it's a wonder anyone can keep up with the tennis. But, we do, and you've only to watch for an hour or so before you realise that Wimbledon unites fans from all walks of life: posh totties, flag wavers, elderly ladies, young children and front rowers clapping furiously - they're all there to cheer on the players! Whether spectators have been lucky enough to bag tickets on centre court, or are simply watching the game perched atop Henman Hill (or Murray Mound as it's now been dubbed) you'll notice that Wimbledon is a sporting event that cuts through politics, backgrounds and divides, uniting a nation around strawberries and cream. And, if there's one thing we need right now, it's more of that!
  3. Celebrity spotting in the audience. Do you know what else the Sophie Allport team loves about Wimbledon? Doing a little bit of celebrity spotting! Whether you’re keeping an eye out for Kate and Wills or hoping for a glimpse of Posh and Becks, you're guaranteed to see a number of A-Listers at Wimbledon. Last year, Wimbledon welcomed the likes of Anna Wintour, Benedict Cumberbatch, Darcey Bussell and the Middletons, so there are plenty of celebs to see if you're wondering what happens when the courts close for rain. One thing we really love, however, is that there's only one box for players’ family members, meaning competing sides have to sit together - whatever's happening on the court! It's the contrast between the girlfriend biting her nails with worry and the other triumphantly pumping her fist in the air that makes it so much fun to watch, proving there's as much entertainment to be had off the court as there is on it.
  4. Boundless enthusiasm and British spirit. Last, but no means least, is that Wimbledon encapsulates all that's brilliant about the United Kingdom. It's an exciting yet professional event where we cheer on the underdog, courtesy to the Queen and cross our fingers that a Brit will win the trophy. But, whatever the outcome, we retain just enough stiff upper lip and dignity to deliver the eccentricity and pomp that’s expected of our great nation. And what's not to love about that.
  5. Did you know: 330,000 cups of tea, 320,000 glasses of Pimms and 140,000 portions of strawberries... that's the average consumption of quintessentially British food and drink at the Wimbledon championship! Why we love Wimbledon - Summer strawberries

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