Five unusual facts about lobsters


Facts about lobsters

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To celebrate this coastal-inspired design, we’ve come up with five lobster facts for you to get your claws around.

5 facts about lobsters

  1. Lobsters are not immortal... Contrary to popular belief, lobsters are not immortal, but they do have some amazing qualities that we, as humans, would love to possess. They don’t age like most other animals, in fact, they just keep growing, they don’t lose their ability to reproduce, and they don’t get weaker. Despite these astounding qualities, they can still die from natural causes, meaning they, unfortunately, won't live forever.
  2. The common lobster can be found all around the British Isles... You can find the common lobster all around the British Isles and Europe. Usually, the common lobster is a blue colour but can appear darker, they have eight legs, two claws and long antennas. Did you also know that their claws are not symmetrical and slightly differ, one is used as a crushing claw and the other for cutting?Facts you don't know about lobsters
  3. Lobsters have no lungs and no vocal cords... I think we are all aware of the way that lobsters are occasionally cooked, and we have heard the stories of them screaming, however, lobsters can’t scream as they don’t have vocal cords or lungs to make any sounds. The noises heard are likely to be the sound of trapped air between the shell.
  4. They have two stomachs... If you had two stomachs, just think about all the food you could eat! Lobsters have such a strange anatomy, with one of their stomachs being located behind their eyes, this stomach also has a set of teeth like tools, which is what they use to chew their food.Fun facts about lobsters
  5. Lobsters don’t mate for life it’s quite the opposite... As much as we love Friends, Phoebe was wrong when she said that Lobsters mate for life, they actually do quite the opposite and their ‘relationships’ only last approximately two weeks. The female lobster will choose the most dominant male and hang around for about ten days to two weeks, where she will moult her shell, mate and regrow her shell, then she’ll take off to continue her life. Another female will then come by for the male lobster and will do the same thing.

Lobster Myths and Facts

We hope you’ve enjoyed these lobster facts, who knew these sea creatures could be so interesting? If you liked this, then we are sure you would love our 10 clawsome facts about crabs too!

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Do you have any lobster facts? Share them with us in the comments below, we’d love to learn more about these beautiful creatures.

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