10 Holiday Reads Recommended By The Sophie Allport Team


Holiday reads recommended by the Sophie Allport team

Is there anything more lovely than a new book? The smell of freshly printed pages, a spine that’s yet to bend and the promise of a story that’s bound to have you gripped as you devour every line of text before hurriedly turning the page. Well, at Sophie Allport we think there is one thing more lovely than this – a new book to read while you’re on holiday! Whether you’re hopping on a plane to a sunny destination for a bit of sun, sea and relaxation, or are simply having a staycation here in the UK with lots of rest, plenty of exploration and tons of family time, there’s no better time for reading a book than when you’re on holiday.

summer books recommended by the Sophie Allport team

Luckily, we’re a bunch of bookworms here at Sophie Allport and we’re only too happy to share our best recommendations for your holiday. So, here are ten of our favourites to take with you this year. See what you think of the list below, and let us know what you’re reading this summer.

  1. The Lemon Grove, Helen Walsh - There’s nothing better than a beach-read filled with gossip, betrayal and lust, and that’s what makes The Lemon Grove so good. The story follows a married woman who falls for her stepdaughter’s boyfriend while they’re on a family holiday in Majorca, and the sensual tale is racked with jeopardy and seduction… it’s no surprise it was recommended by BBC Radio 2’s book club.
  2. Landing Gear, Kate Pullinger - While you’re sitting in the airport lounge or are strapped into your seat on an aeroplane, why not read Landing Gear? Kate Pullinger’s novel explores the unexpected ties that link people together, telling a tale about family life and loneliness that was inspired by real-life accounts of aeroplane stowaways.
  3. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, J K Rowling - We couldn’t put together a list of holiday reads without including this one – already one of the fastest selling books of all time! This book is a script of the play telling the story of Harry Potter’s second son, and grips you with just as much magic, love, courage and inspiration that J K Rowling managed to achieve twenty years ago.
  4. Attachments, Rainbow Rowell - Can you imagine what kinds of stories you’d unearth if you had access to a private email conversation exchanged between two female colleagues? Well, that’s what Rainbow Rowell’s story examines, following the company’s Internet Security Officer who finds in himself head over heels for one of the women as he reads what she thinks is a private exchange to her friend. Well worth a read!
  5. The Humans, Matt Haig - This book is beautiful. It’s a poignant and very funny explanation of what it means to be human, as told by an alien who comes to earth on an observational mission. And, while it sounds like Science Fiction, it’s surprisingly relatable and a genuinely memorable read.
  6. The One Plus One, Jojo Moyes - Jojo Moyes, best-selling author of ‘Me Before You’ is back with another book, and if the reviews are anything to go by, it’s certainly one you’re going to enjoy reading beside the pool. It’s a story of an ordinary women picking her way through parenthood and singledom, and speaks honestly about heartbreak, family and perseverance.
  7. The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins - Doubtless you’ll have already heard about this brilliant book. It’s a must read for those who love suspense thrillers – the story unfolds using the individual narratives of the train carriage’s passengers, and you’ll never see getting on a packed commuter train in the same way again.
  8. Still Alice, Lisa Genova - Still Alice is a remarkable exploration of a brilliant women’s descent into Alzheimer's disease. It’s told with piercing clarity from the sufferer’s perspective and will open your eyes to an issue that affects so many of us so profoundly.
  9. The Assistants, Camille Perri - Fancy something sharp, quick-witted and funny? Well, that’s what you’ll get the Camille Peri’s The Assistants. A cash-strapped worker is surprised when a mistake at the company sees her bank account filled with a huge sum of money. What happens next sees the underpaid, undervalued thirty-something act on behalf of everyone who’s ever wondered “is this it?” while sitting at their office desk.
  10. Beside Myself, Ann Morgan - Finally, why not delve into something dark and brilliant? This is a story about two twin sisters who swap for a day until one sister refuses to swap back. Over the coming years, one sister has to live through a nightmare where she watches her dreams, success and future devoured by her twin, taking us on a journey that forces us to question identity and mental health.

Let us know any great recommendations you have.

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