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Free Standard P&P on all mainland UK orders over £50*


Spring Decorating: Ideas for Your Home

With hardy little daffodils hinting that spring isn’t too far away, and the occasional afternoon warmed by the late-winter sun, it’s soon becoming the right time of year to blow out the cobwebs and embrace a bit of spring decorating in your home. We’re looking forward to seeing big blue...

Top tips for easy Easter entertaining

We all want to enjoy the long Easter weekend and have fun with our friends and family (and of course indulge in lots of chocolate!) From decorating your home for Easter to help with some simple and easy catering ideas, read our top tips to help your Easter entertaining run...

7 scents that will improve your mood

There’s nothing we enjoy more here at Sophie Allport than waking up to the rich smell of coffee in the morning or coming home to freshly washed sheets. There are just some aromas in life that give you instant happiness! Smell is the strongest of senses and has a profound...

10 life hacks you NEED to know!

You know that moment you hear about something so good, yet so simple, you just have to tell everyone about it?! Well, we experience that life-changing ‘ah ha!’ moment all the time at Sophie Allport! Continue reading

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