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7 Reasons You Need Beautiful Stationery in Your Life

Ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve ever walked out of a stationers and imagined pouring your ideas onto the first page of a brand new notebook nestled under the crook of your arm, you’ll understand the importance of stunning stationery. Paper, pens, pads, gift wrap, tags and matching ribbons…stationery is timeless and utterly wonderful. If you need more persuading, here are seven reasons the Sophie Allport team think you need beautiful stationery in your life…

Balls Oilcloth Pencil Case

1)It helps to connect us with our friends and family
In an era of firing off emails to our grandparents and relying on our Facebook walls to keep in touch, it’s more important than ever to invest in stationery. It helps to teach our children good manners and social skills: a carefully penned thank you note from a well-mannered birthday boy counts for far more than a text message or telephone call!

2)It makes us happy
What’s more exciting than a handwritten note from an old friend arriving through the letterbox? The loops and swirls of their unmistakable handwriting are guaranteed to leave you fizzing with anticipation to read about their latest adventures.

Hare Desk Buddy

3)It expresses our taste
Just like the clothes you wear or the colour of your kitchen cupboards, the stationery we use says lots about who we are. The trusty pen you like to write with and the notepad you keep tucked in your handbag (wherever you go!) reflect your personality… and the fact you’ve a thousand unique ideas whizzing round your mind!

4)It shows that we care
Sometimes, beautiful stationery can transform an average present into a glorious gift. Using beautiful wrapping paper and matching tags (and tied with a sophisticated ribbon) shows lucky recipients that we think they’re worth going the extra mile.

5)It helps to keep us organised
There’s no doubt about it: we’re busy. But, good quality stationery means we can scribble to-do lists until our hearts are content, jotting down those bits and bobs that would otherwise evade our memories and keep us up all night!

Terrier, Hare, Pheasant Desk Buddies

6)It suggests endless possibilities
It’s hard to put into words, but new stationery is just so… thrilling! Penning blank pages with our thoughts, dreams and ideas (and closing the pad to reveal exquisite patterning on the cover) just goes to show that beautiful stationery has power; power to make us feel that we’ve the potential to re-invent ourselves with just a turn of the page.

7)It helps to keep our space tidy
Beautiful stationery doesn’t just refer to pretty paper and fancy pencils. Instead, pencil cases and practical desk buddy paperweights help to keep our admin in order, meaning our lives and living spaces are kept neat and tidy!

If nothing else, beautiful stationery enhances our day to day lives. With so much energy spent on curating a stylish wardrobe, decorating a cosy home and exercising for a healthy body, it makes sense to indulge in a little stationery-shaped treat once in a while too. So, why not gift yourself a brand new notelet wallet and enjoy having something beautiful to use next time you’ve a message to send?

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