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Free Standard P&P on all mainland UK orders over £50*

Monthly Archives: July 2016

5 Things to Do with the Kids This Summer

School's out for summer! The Sophie Allport team couldn't be happier: it means a six week break from washing school uniforms, packing the lunch boxes and getting everyone out the front door before 8am. And, more importantly, it means more quality time with our kids! Whether you're lucky enough to...

Game, Set and Match! Why We Love Wimbledon

Can you imagine a British summer without Wimbledon? We can't! Here at Sophie Allport, we love tuning into the BBC coverage of this brilliant sporting tradition, enjoying the vibrant greens, bright whites and endless anticipation of a win. And so what if we're not much good at wielding a racket...

The Wonderful World of Alice in Wonderland

Here at Sophie Allport, we simply can't get enough of Alice in Wonderland! We've the mugs, the bunting and more (in fact, you can see our whole range of Alice in Wonderland products here), and we'll be among the many people celebrating ‘Alice Day' on July 2nd. Want to join us...

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