Take A Moment Tea by Sophie Allport
Calming tea. Take a moment by Sophie Allport
Take a moment calming tea by Sophie Allport
Take A Moment Tea
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Take A Moment Tea

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Take a moment with our herbal blend tea that delicately balances earthy relaxing notes of camomile and hops with a zesty nudge of lemongrass and a subtle hint of rose. The blend is designed to be slowly enjoyed and will not go bitter no matter how long it is brewed. The only downside is that you have to ruin the beautiful dried ingredients to enjoy the taste. Pair with our fine bone china mugs or a teapot for a wonderful gift idea for tea lovers!

Working alongside one of the leading experts in this field, we have been developing our beautiful blends of tea for some time to ensure we capture exceptional quality and a renowned taste in every cup. Will Battle has helped us select the finest blends, he has over 20 years experience in the industry and trained as a tea taster in India, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Malawi. Not only is Will an expert in his field, but he is a dear friend to Sophie and Jem who have known him all their lives after growing up in the same village in Lincolnshire, making his involvement in creating our tea blends even more special and personal.

  • 15 tea bags
  • Our tea bags are plastic-free
  • Please note our tea bags come in a plastic wrapper to keep fresh
  • Camomile, rose, lavender, lemongrass and hops blend
  • Brew time: unlimited

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