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Find the perfect scent for your home, from festive fragrances to summer delights. We have a variety of candles, diffusers and hand lotions for you to choose from, including our lovely botanical candles and scented reed diffusers. Our range of luxury home fragrances make the ideal gift for family and friends.  

Cinnamon & Orange Home Scent by Sophie Allport

Cinnamon & Orange Home Scents

Blending notes of sweet cinnamon with a dash of fresh orange, Sophie's Cinnamon & Orange home scent include a selection of candles, a room spray and a reed diffuser.


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Eucalyptus & Pine Home Scent by Sophie Allport

Eucalyptus & Pine Home Scents

Our Eucalyptus & Pine Home fragrance liberates the intense aromatic freshness of the eucalyptus and pine trees and makes the perfect scent for any home. Sophie Allport's range of home scents come in smart gift boxes making excellent gifts for family and friends. 

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Fig & Ginger Home Scent by Sophie Allport

Fig & Ginger Home Scents

Shop Sophie Allport's beautiful home fragrance in her inviting Fig & Ginger scent, from luxury hand-poured candles and botanical candles to her scented reed diffuser. Making an excellent gift for friends and family, this lovely range comes in a smart Sophie Allport gift box.

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Hedgerow Berries Home Scent by Sophie Allport

Hedgerow Berries Home Scents

Browse Sophie Allport's Hedgerow Berries Home scents which introduces green blackcurrant alongside warm sandalwood, holding an elegant red rose at the heart. Choose from a variety of candles, hand wash, lotion and soap which make lovely gifts for family and friends.


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Honey Spiced Lavender Home Scent by Sophie Allport

Honey Spiced Lavender Home Scents

Browse Sophie Allport's Honey Spiced Lavender Home Scents, choose luxurious candles, hand wash and lotion, room sprays and diffusers to give your home the aromatic smell of lavender flowers blended with sumptuous honey and golden spices.


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Neroli Lakes Home Scent by Sophie Allport

Neroli Lakes Home Scents

A delicate and fresh scent that blends the clean aroma of neroli with citrus notes of orange blossom and hints of exotic jasmine, giving a subtle floral scent that relaxes the heart and calms the mind. Reminiscent of lazy summer afternoons by a picturesque lake. 
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Savannah Warmth Home Scent by Sophie Allport

Savannah Warmth Home Scents

Bring the relaxing warmth of the African Savannah into your home with a fragrance that mixes smoky wood with the subtle sweetness of parma violet flowers. Inspired by the vibrant landscapes of Africa, Sophie's Savanna Warmth home scents release a calming infusion of African soul and spirit. This wonderful home scent includes a selection of candles and a room diffuser, all of which make wonderful gift ideas for family and friends.

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Take A Moment

Take A Moment

Take a moment from busy, bustling daily life with relaxing essential oils to unwind your mind. Inhale and exhale a lavender and bergamot scent that helps you pause and restore into a meditative state. The subtle but distinctively spa-inspired fragrance repairs and soaks the senses to drift you off, leaving your worries behind.

Our Take a Moment collection of home fragrances is made from 100% natural fragrance and has been specially developed using essential oils, which not only smell incredible but can help you relax and unwind from everyday life. We've also got a beautiful selection of bath and body products made from 100% natural fragrance that gives a nourishing and luxurious experience, sure to leave your skin feeling soft and conditioned.

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Woodland Walks Home Scent by Sophie Allport

Woodland Walks Home Scents

A lovely collection which has been formulated in the UK. A subtle scent which is a reminder of country winter walks, crunchy autumnal leaves, sloe gin drinking, cosy times by the fire, frosty winter weather, festive family gatherings and the contrast between the icy cold outside and the warm inviting inside. There's a range of home fragrance plus hand care.
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