Spring Decorating: Ideas for Your Home

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With hardy little daffodils hinting, that spring isn’t too far away, and the occasional afternoon warmed by the late-winter sun, it’s soon becoming the right time of year to blow out the cobwebs and embrace a bit of spring decorating in your home. We’re looking forward to seeing big blue skies and gleeful little lambs, and we’re eager to inject some freshness and vitality into our homes at the same time. So if you’re feeling the same, here are some spring decorating ideas to fuel your imagination… 

Spring Decorating Ideas by Sophie Allport

  1. A Fresh Lick Of Paint. Longer days and a little more sunshine mean our homes will soon be lighter, both in the morning and evening. So isn’t it a good time to freshen up the rooms you use the most often? Cover over mucky fingerprints, scuffs and scrapes, and choose a shade that reflects lots of light and leaves you feeling invigorated. Or opt for bolder, darker hues for a sophisticated and grown-up living space. We like Farrow and Ball’s range of paint colours for both light and dark tones.
  2. Bring In Easter Prints. We love a playful print here at Sophie Allport… the huge choice of collections from chickens, hares, runner ducks, sheep and more just goes to show exactly how much! So why not introduce some playful prints into your home this Easter?  Whether it’s a joyful sheep cushion from our marvellous new Sheep range, or a chicken doorstop to nod to the fact that spring’s on its way while serving a practical function too, we have plenty of prints that will inject your home with some joy of the country chic variety. Spring Decorating Ideas - Chicken Spring Design by Sophie Allport
  3. Embrace Florals. Florals for spring is nothing out of the ordinary, but this tried and tested approach to welcoming a new season into your home will leave you feeling cheerful. Try adding a simple bunch of flowers on the coffee table (minimal effort, and affordable too), or a run of wallpaper in a botanical print - nothing says spring like florals. Spring Decorating Ideas - Floral Peony Design by Sophie Allport
  4. Let There Be Light. With the gloom of winter behind us, spring is the perfect time to ensure your home is flooded with lots of light. Replace bulky old window dressings with lighter, fresher curtains and blinds, and consider hanging mirrors on various walls to reflect light around your home. Positioning mirrors opposite sources of natural light, such as windows, will ensure your room is as bright as can be - perfect for a pleasant mood and a light, airy ambience.Spring Decorating Ideas by Sophie Allport
  5. Add A Few Metallics. One or two metallic textures in a room will lend extra interest to your home. For example, how about displaying your best photographs in silver photo frames, or adding some slightly shimmery tea light holders to your mantelpiece? The occasional metallic glint gives a subtle ‘magpie’ effect, making it a spring decorating idea that’s impactful but very easy to pull off.Spring Decorating Ideas by Sophie Allport
  6. Switch Up Your Fabrics. Here at Sophie Allport, we have plenty of inspiration for spring themed fabrics. By changing your tea towels and oven gloves you'll give the kitchen an immediate fresh feeling of spring and even consider updating your table with a new table runner, napkins and placemats for Easter entertaining. Easy, but effective!  Spring Decorating Ideas - Sheep collection by Sophie Allport
Will you be trying any of these spring decorating ideas in your home? And how else will you be embracing the new season? We’d love to hear. P.S. If you’d like some more spring-time inspiration, check out this beautiful spring table, these tips for easy Easter entertaining, and how to host the best ever Easter egg hunt.

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