Seven Ways To Practice Self-Love

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We all need to practice self-love now and then, and it’s so important to be kind to ourselves. This Valentine's Day we're diving deep with our seven ways to showering yourself with love. 

  1. Surround yourself with positivity – From your closest loved ones to filling your home with the things that make you smile, positivity can come in many different forms. When you are feeling down, pick up the phone and speak to those who are your biggest cheerleaders in life. Surround yourself with things that make you smile too, that could be filling up your favourite jug with a fresh bunch of flowers.
  2. Stop comparing yourself to others – Comparing your flaws to someone else's success is always going to make you fail and lower your self-esteem. Perhaps take a break from social media or have a day where you pop your phone in a draw, taking some you time to focus on your greatest strengths. Find a notebook and write down all the things you love about yourself so that you can reflect back on this when you're feeling low in the future.
  3. Find your happy place – Find that happy place within that makes you feel amazing! It might be somewhere that love to go for a walk, yoga, drinking your morning tea from your favourite mug or just simply being at home. Whenever you are feeling low, take yourself off to your happy place either physically or mentally. 
  4. Don’t beat yourself up – Everyone has their days when nothing goes to plan, and quite often you’re sat at the end feeling a bit miserable and blaming yourself. Pick yourself up and restart, accept that the day hasn’t been great and focus on what will be great. There is no point in beating yourself up, instead, find acceptance and look at how you can move forward. 
  5. Nourish yourself with healthy habits – Start caring for yourself as you would for others. Creating healthy habits is quite often one of the first steps when it comes to self-love. Start by incorporating healthy eating and exercise into your daily routine. Sometimes the way we feel in our body affects how we feel ourselves. The amount of sleep we get each night also has an impact on our day to day lives, read all about how much sleep you need and find out our top tips for getting a good night snooze. 
  6. Celebrate all your successes – Everyone has greatness in them so let’s celebrate those achievements. It might be an achievement like passing your driving test or getting the job of your dreams to making the best roast dinner on a Sunday or getting all the children to finish their homework. Every achievement should be celebrated as you did it, no one else, just you!
  7. Shower yourself with love – Be kind to yourself and remember your self-worth every single day. Wake up every morning and tell yourself how amazing you are and how you’re going to have a great day. Treat yourself to the things you love and surround yourself with the things that make you smile. 

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