Bridal DIYs For A Dream Wedding With A Personal Touch

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Are you getting married soon? Well, if so, you’re probably knee-deep in ‘wedmin’. Finding a dress, choosing your flowers and getting the bridesmaids organised is quite a lot of work, and it can be a stressful process for even the most organised of us.

Bridal DIY ideas for your wedding day

However, one thing that we’ve found is well worth the extra effort when it comes to organising a wedding is making a few personal touches to your dream day. You don’t have to be a craft queen to make something beautiful, and many brides even say that they’re glad they got stuck into a little bit of DIY before they tied the knot as it was a cathartic thing to do with their bridesmaids, in amongst all that serious stuff! So, here are a few of the Sophie Allport team’s favourite bridal DIYs…

  1. Decorations - If you’ve hired a marquee or a barn, for example, you’re going to need to decorate it so that it really feels special for your wedding day. So, why not get your sewing machine out (or ask your mum if she can help!) to make some bunting? Bunting will add a real sense of charm and romance to your venue. Or, if you’re not quite that skilled with a needle and thread, simply fix some beautiful fabric, ribbon or white lace to the outside of clean jam jars before popping in a tea light. Using ribbon to tie napkins adds a simple decorative touch and dotting the odd heart shaped tea light around will illuminate the tables in a way that’s pretty and romantic. 
  2. Bridal Wear - Granted, unless you’re a real whizz, you won’t be making your wedding dress! But how about DIY’ing your heels? Buy a pair you feel fantastic in, but give your outfit a twist by buying a set of stickers from a craft shop (or order them online). For instance, you can buy stickers that say “I do!” in beautiful, romantic typography. All you need to do is peel them off the backing paper before carefully applying them to the soles of your shoes… that way, you’ll be saying “I do” with every step down the aisle, and it will make for a fantastic photo if you remember to let your photographer know beforehand.
  3. Rings - How about taking DIY to another level by getting your partner involved? There are various venues across the UK that offer classes to help you and your husband or wife to be to make your own rings. We don’t think it gets more special than hand crafting one another’s wedding bands under the expert instruction of a silversmith, so see if there’s a workshop near you if you want to try a craft that will be with you both forever.

Finally, don’t get so caught up in sequins and twine that you forget to put your wedding list together. If your guests want to bring you and your partner a present, make it straightforward for them by making a wish list for them to choose from… and remember some cards for all those thank you notes you’ll be writing!

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