8 Spring cleaning tips for your home

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Spring cleaning tips for your home

Every home needs a Spring clean, and with the current circumstances there’s no better time to do it, you’re spending your whole life at home, so you may as well make it a home you love and enjoy spending time in. From the cleaning jobs you're always putting off to getting your home in tip-top condition, we’ve got our essential Spring-cleaning tips to get you started.

Get the whole family involved

Before you even get started you should get everyone on board, including the children, now is a prime time for them to have a little bit of responsibility, whether that is cleaning their own bedrooms or pushing the hoover around the house! Make it a family fun event, although you might need to ‘go over’ it afterwards.

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It’s time to declutter

An essential first step when cleaning your house top to bottom is decluttering and organising, from cleaning out your junk draw to organising your carrier bags. Go round each room in your house and have a general tidy up, recycle any old paperwork and if you’ve got some things you no longer want to keep then consider donating these to your local charity shop when they reopen. Our carrier bag holders are ideal for storing your carrier bags and keeping them tidy.

Catch up on the little things

Now is the perfect time to get on top of your to-do list including your washing, drying and the all-important ironing, you can even make it that little bit more bearable with one of our beautiful Sophie Allport ironing board covers, choose from one our spring design to really get into the spirit. Next spend some time giving your skirting boards a deep clean, get rid of any cobwebs and catch up on any dusting.

Spring cleaning tips for your home

Freshen up your fridge

You might wipe your fridge down a few times a week and clear it out, but now is the time to take everything out and thoroughly deep clean it. Go through and check all the dates on any jars or any longer-life foods and give everything a clean. To prevent any unwanted smells developing in the future, leave an open tub containing bicarbonate of soda inside the fridge, this will help absorb any odours. Once you’ve done the fridge, give your cupboards, pantry and freezer the same treatment.

Garden tidy up

With the weather getting warmer we’ll all be spending more time in the garden, so now is an excellent time to brush down your garden furniture and set it all up. Wash down your patio area, cut the grass, get rid of any weeds, brush up any leaves, clean your BBQ and have a garden spruce up. If you really want to go all out, you can even repaint or touch up any fences and plant some new flowers to add some colour to your garden.

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Spruce up your linens

Swap your linens round to create a new homely look for your home. From kitchen linens, like your tea towels and oven gloves to new bedding and throw pillows, there is nothing quite like a fresh bedding set. Choose a spring design for your kitchen, we love our Runner Duck, Chicken, Sheep, Peony, Bees and Dragonfly designs. For your bedding choose from our Sheep, Bees, Elephant and Coastal Birds designs.

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Make your appliances sparkle

Over time our appliances build up with dirt, grime and bacteria, so it’s crucial to give them a really in-depth deep clean. Use a specialist oven cleaner on your oven to remove any excess oils and food, and you’ll have a shiny new oven in no time, don't forget to use rubber gloves as some heavy-duty cleaning products can be harsh on your skin.

It’s also vital to deep clean your washing machine as dirt can build up in the rubber seal, simply clean out the detergent draw, scrub away any hair or dirt that you see around the machine and pay attention to the drum, ensuring you get into all the nooks and crannies, and then run an empty hot wash with a purpose cleaner. Do the same with your dishwasher, clean out your filter, remove any food debris and give the inside a thorough wipe down, pop in a cleaning tablet and put it on an empty wash.

Tidy up your walls

Go round each room and take note of any scuffs or scrapes on your walls, wipe down with a soft sponge or cloth and use a gentle cleanser with warm water as this won’t remove any paintwork but will remove any build-up of dirt. Check your garage or cupboards to see if you have any left-over paint and apply any touch-ups needed to your walls or furniture.

We’d love it if you could share your Spring cleaning tips with us, tell us your secrets to a sparkling home in the comments below.

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