5 Tips To BBQ Success

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5 Tips to BBQ success

Whether it’s a mouth-watering burger, grilled kebab or tasty hotdog, nothing reminds us all of longer nights and brighter days than a barbecue. And here at Sophie Allport, we take the first opportunity we get to dine with friends and family al fresco style. We love the idea of a picnic barbecue!

The 27th of May marks the start of National BBQ Week and to get you off to a sizzling start, we’ve come up with some helpful tips to get you all fired up for the first barbecue of the year. Meat grilled to perfection and fresh buns, we’re all for it!

  1. Be prepared Every successful barbecue comes with a good amount of preparation. Make sure you have everything you need, and we mean everything! There’s nothing worse than having to rush out to the shops last minute because you’ve forgotten an essential dressing or beverage to accompany your meat feast. The grill can take a while to heat up and you really don’t want to be running late. Marinade meat overnight and prepare side dishes so the only thing left to do is cook everything up. When you're prepping for your big night as grill master, you should also make sure you’re protected. Our aprons help to protect clothing from any barbecue mishaps.                                BBQ tips
  2. Brush up on your culinary skills There is a fine art to dishing up tasty barbecue grub. Start with a clean, well-oiled grill to prevent the meat from sticking. It’s also said that you should avoid turning meats to frequently and that one flip is enough to lock in all the flavour. Leaving the meat to stand for a minute or two is also a good tip for this. Grilling methods vary and it’s worth asking around for any secrets friends or colleagues have hidden away. All that’s left to do is have a sneaky practice run to get tastes just right.
  3. Set the table Transform your garden into a unique and welcoming space for guests to enjoy with a themed table setting. Add some pretty tableware - a matching table runner, placemats and napkins will look stunning and impress your barbecue guests. Pluck some flowers from your garden for a centrepiece decoration and you're ready to entertain! BBQ tips - table setting for summer
  4. Entertainment Treat your guests to some back yard entertainment and sing, dance and drink the night away. Go for some classic garden games - dust off the croquet set, unpack the garden Jenga or set up a game of boules. Light entertainment will set the stage for a memorable event and keep the kids busy too!
  5. Don’t skip on dessert End the night on a high and create a signature dessert to make your barbecue even more special. Pick a pudding that can be prepared in advance so you just have to deliver it to the table! We love this chocolate and raspberry roulade recipe (we'd recommend adding a few blackberries too!) Trust us, a good dessert is the way to sweet success!                                             Chocolate roulade - BBQ tips pudding

    So what are you waiting for? Light up the barbie, get your friends over and use these tips for the ultimate start to the barbecue season.


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