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Step behind the scenes to see what happened when the BBC came to film Sophie Allport. As the nation waited with bated breath for the announcement of the name of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's newborn baby boy, the BBC was at Sophie Allport's head office in Bourne, Lincolnshire. As the full name was announced, Sophie was captured on film writing 'Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor' in her distinctive handwriting. This will appear on the inside rim of Sophie's personalised commemorative Archie mug which goes into production in Stoke on Trent straight away.

BBD Film Sophie About Her Prince Harry Baby Mug - Archie Harrison

Presenter Carol Hinds interviewed Sophie about her inspiration behind the Archie mug design - the teddy bears, tiny blue footprints and UK and USA flags. The cameraman zoomed in on Sophie demonstrating how she painted the footprints.

Archie Harrison - BBC film Sophie about her Royal Baby mug

Sophie explained to BBC presenter Carol the challenge of fitting such a long name on the inside rim of the mugs but explained the expertise in Stoke on Trent will ensure it fits!

Archie Harrison - BBC film Sophie about her Royal  baby mug for Harry & Meghan

Cameraman Steve captured Sophie writing the full name. Her handwriting will be made into decal stickers that will be hand applied to the inside rim of each Archie mug. The Royal baby mugs will then be fired before being boxed and dispatched to customers.

Archie Harrison - BBC film Sophie Allport

The news piece was quickly edited by Carol and Steve and then sent to Cambridge and Nottingham to be aired on BBC East Midlands Today.

BBC interview with Sophie about her Royal baby mug for Archie Harrison

With the excitement over it's now time to get the Archie mugs decorated, fired, boxed and dispatched to the Sophie Allport customers. "It's so lovely to think that many cups of tea will be enjoyed out of these commemorative mugs celebrating a very special Royal baby boy," explained Sophie.

Archie Harrison - BBC filming Sophie about her Royal baby mug


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