Top 10 Tips for Festive Feasting With Honey

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We are lucky enough here at Sophie Allport to have our own beehive, which is managed by our wonderful friends at Bees for Business. As well as giving us the opportunity to help maintain the bee population, the scheme ensures that we receive jars of honey from our very own hive. We have already taken delivery of our first jars and can confirm it is absolutely delicious! The Bees for Business team have come up with their top ten tips for using honey over the Christmas season and we thought we'd share them with you!

Festive feasting with honey

  1. Warm your favourite nuts in a heavy-based pan. Once toasted, transfer to a nibbles bowl and drizzle with golden, runny honey for a simple way to brighten up your snacks.
  2. Tossing roasted vegetables in runny honey 10 minutes before the end of cooking time gives a subtle, sweet glaze that lifts the flavour and adds an elegant taste.
  3. To warm apple juice in a large saucepan, add two ginger tea bags, two cinnamon sticks and a large spoon of a set or clear honey. Continue to warm but don’t allow to boil for the most delicious non-alcoholic mulled apple juice. Perfect for sipping beside the fire.
  4. Very gently warm your favourite honey in a heavy-based saucepan with a cinnamon stick to gently infuse a Christmas flavour. Add to your favourite tea, sipping from your favourite Sophie Allport mug (ours is, predictably, the bee one!) for an instant festive kick.festive feasting with honey
  5. Almost all canapés can be made to sheen and sparkle and given a subtle flavour enhancer by gently warming honey in a saucepan and trickling it sparingly over them.
  6. There are almost as many flavours of honey as there are flowers! Experiment with heather, ivy, wildflower, set, runny, dandelion, borage or even flavoured raw honey to find a natural sweetener to compliment your next culinary creation. Present it with pride in a Sophie Allport honey jar.Sophie Allport Jam Jar
  7. Whole honeycomb frames or cut honeycomb makes for a real treat at Christmas and eye-catching centrepiece for breakfast tables. Display it in one of our butter dishes and the lip will keep the runny honey from oozing too far! Dig in with a spoon or just use your finger to scoop through the wax to release the delicious raw honey.Sophie Allport Butter Dish
  8. Why not poach some halved pears in a favourite liquor like mead or whisky (or simply pear juice for a non-alcoholic version), with a little clear honey and some festive spices. Lay them on a side plate and serve with blue cheese and sourdough toast for a savoury starter. Or simply layer pancakes and fresh fruit and drizzle with delicious honey for a simple pudding or Christmas breakfast treat.
  9. No list involving honey would be complete without the cold-soothing favourite of hot water, lemon juice and honey. You can replace the lemon with a measure of whisky for something a little more soothing, or simply add raw, set honey to the original recipe for a more soothing non-alcoholic version.Sophie Allport Bees Collection
  10. Whip into your brandy butter a little single cream and some runny honey to create an extra luxurious sweet treat to complete your Christmas meal. Let us know any honey tips you might have to add some natural sweetness to festivities!

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