Sophie’s Picks From The Kids Sale


Sophie’s kid's designs make excellent birthday presents or Christmas gifts (if you are planning that far ahead, our hats go off to you). With lots to choose from, we’ve got Sophie’s hand-selected favourites from the Kids Sale.

  1. Flamingos Divider Plate... This cute melamine divider plate is both pretty and practical and perfect for making mealtimes fun. Ideal if you have a fussy eater who hates their food touching, making an excellent gift. Match with the Flamingos Melamine Bowl and Spoon or our Flamingos Bibs to complete mealtimes, you’ll spot these in the sale too! Sophie's Picks from the Kids Sale
  2. Space Bamboo Lunch Box... Perfect for when they go back to school or for family picnics. Made from bamboo, this Space Kids Lunch Box is excellent for any aspiring astronaut and makes lunchtime that little bit more exciting. Also available in Sophie’s Dinosaur and Unicorn designs. Sophie's Picks from the Kids Sale
  3. Hedgehog cushion... Isn’t this just adorable? We love this shaped knitted hedgehog cushion which is soft and snuggly. It makes a lovely gift for kids or why not send as a new baby gift to someone expecting? Sophie's Picks from the Kids Sale
  4. Flamingos Backpack... A pretty backpack covered in pink flamingos! Perfect for when they head back to school or nursery. You could also use for an afternoon stroll to keep their snacks and favourite toys in.Sophie's Picks from the Kids Sale

There is plenty to choose from in the Sale with up to 70% off! Read Sophie's overall picks from the Sale here and find out how you can best shop the sale.

Have you grabbed yourself something special in our sale or found gifts for your loved ones? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  • Hello, If I won the money on Immie, She my first grandchild who due on 15th August 2020. I can’t wait to meet her, seen scan photo but its not the same as holding Immie. Many Thanks Jeanette

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