Sophie’s Favourite Picks From Her Dog Collections


Dogs are the most popular pet in the UK, and the team here have their fair share of wagging tails at home – way too many to count! We’ve got so many lovely designs to choose from including Dachshund, Labrador, Pug, Spaniels, Speedy Dogs, Terrier, Woof and a few dog items in our some of our popular collections. Let’s take a look at Sophie’s picks from the pawsome dog collections.

Treats for you

  1. Terrier Tea Towel - For the country kitchen. This cotton tea towel is dotted with white bones and our super cute canine friend, the Terrier, on a lovely warm grey background, making it perfect for any kitchen. This tea towel will make drying the dishes a lot more enjoyable. Terrier Collection by Sophie Allport
  2. Dachshund Adult Apron - For the messy pups. Excellent for keeping your clothes free from baking mess and cooking spillages, this pretty apron is one for the Dachshund lovers and features Longhaired and Wirehaired Dachshunds on a teal background. A wonderful way to add a touch of colour to your kitchen. Sophie Allport Dachshund Collection
  3. Fab Labs Mug - For the Labrador lover. Inspired by Sophie’s love of Labradors and her dogs Florrie and Mable, her Fab Labs Mug features all four Labrador colours including, black, yellow, fox red and chocolate. A lovely gift idea for Labrador owners or sipping your coffee each morning.Labrador Lovers Gift Ideas
  4. Spaniels Double Oven Gloves - For the Spaniel obsessed. For all those owners with beloved Spaniels, these double oven gloves feature Cocker, Springer and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels on a beautiful pale moss background. A practical addition to any kitchen, why not opt for the whole set and treat your beloved dog to a matching Spaniels Dog Bed.Shop Sophie Allport Dog Collections
  5. Woof Bedding Set - For the doggy dreamer. Made from 100% cotton, this luxurious Woof Bedding Set is perfect for all dog lovers and features Sophie’s adorable illustrations of Dachshunds, Spaniels, Labradors, Pugs and Jack Russells on a wheat beige background. Sophie Allport Woof

Treats for your dog

  1. Sheep Pet Mattress - For the daytime snoozer. We love this Sheep Pet Mattress which is the perfect place for them to curl up after a long busy day and is sure to complement any home interior. Sophie Allport Pet Beds
  2. Bees Dog Toy - For the playful pup. Ideal for keeping them entertained, this Bees Dog Toy makes a wonderful gift or treat for any dog and features an internal squeaker and rope legs, excellent for playing their favourite game, tug of war. Sophie Allport Pet Toys
  3. Walkies Treat Tin - For the snacker. Practical and stylish, this lovely Walkies Treat Tin is sure to complement any kitchen or utility and your beloved pet will know exactly when they're getting a tasty treat. Available in two sizes, small and large and made from galvanised steel.Sophie Allport Treat Tin
  4. Forest Green Dog Lead - For the walkies lover. Perfect for those who love their walkies, this charming Forest Green Dog Lead is made from faux leather and has a soft handle and an easy trigger clip. Choose from three sizes, and pairs perfectly with our Forest Green Dog Collar for the matching set. Available in red or teal, or if you prefer we also have a selection of rope leads and collars available. Sophie Allport Pet Leads and Collars
  5. Walkies Dog Coat - For the stylish one. A lovely addition to their wardrobe, especially if they love wet and muddy walks, this Walkies Dog Coat comes in two sizes and has practical reflective strips perfect for evening strolls. Sophies Dog Collections

We've taken a look at Sophie's favourites but we'd love to hear yours. Let us know in the comments below.

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