Our Top Must-Have Apps For Cat, Dog and Horse Lovers


Did you know that National Pet Month is celebrated in the UK in April? We’ll take any excuse to dote on our beloved cats, dogs, horses and chickens here at Sophie Allport (in fact, we love them so much that they’ve inspired many of our collections.) But better yet, we really like what National Pet Month represents: it’s all about promoting responsible pet ownership and fundraising for UK animal charities. In aid of this, the team at Sophie Allport have put their heads together to decide on our top must-have apps for pet owners. Here’s what we want to share with you...

Best pet apps

  1. Pet First Aid - Red Cross Available for iOS and Android, this app has been produced by the American Red Cross, and puts “veterinary advice for everyday emergencies in the palm of your hand”. We like that we can toggle between content for our cat and our dogs easily and that there’s plenty of essential knowledge. It has information about how to administer medication safely, what to do in an emergency (with first aid steps for 25 common situations) using text, images and video, and we particularly like the fact that there’s an early warning sign checker for preventative care. If you want a good all-round pet aid app, this is one to consider. Plus, it’s free. Best pet apps
  2. PetSnap PetSnap is great for pet owners who like to take photographs of their perfect pooches and marvellous moggies. Of course, that’s all of us at Sophie Allport. For that reason, we’d recommend this app: there’s a built-in feature that attracts your animal’s attention right into the camera lens so that you can get them looking where you want, just at the right time. Sounds include squeaky toys, chirping birds and a whistle, so you’ll have your pet cooperating with you in no time… and, it costs less than £2 for an iPhone …. will pets ever start using iPhones …  best dog apps
  3. Stable Mate Stable Mate is a free app for horse lovers. Create your own virtual stable on your phone for as many as 10 horses, and use it to keep track of their routine, their health, their events and their appointments. It’s great for keeping a record of things like worm control, vaccinations and farrier dates, but also tracks your rides using GPS so you can see the routes you’re taking and how often you’re heading out on horseback! You’ll also get a news feed from Horse and Hound, so take a look if you’d like to use something to help you manage everything related to your four-legged friend. best pet apps for horses
  4. iKibble How many times have you caught your pet eating something they shouldn’t and wondered if you should whisk them away to the Vet? iKibble is really handy: it provides an extensive list of food to let you know whether or not it’s safe for your dog to eat something, and identifies which food are potentially toxic! Better yet, it’s free – so download it and stop worrying if that apple seed really will hurt your dog (tip - it won’t. According to the app, your dog would need to eat lots of apple seeds to ingest enough cyanide to be in danger. Phew!) best pet apps
  5. MapMyDogWalk This is a free app for recording your dog walks, so it’s a great way of keeping track of how much exercise your dog is getting. The app works by using the GPS technology in your phone, tracking your path, duration, distance, pace, speed and elevation. Once you’ve finished your walk, the data is automatically sent to MapMyWalk.com so that you can easily view your comprehensive dog walking history. It’s great if you’re worried your dog isn’t getting enough exercise and serves as a fitness tracker for you too! Best pet apps

Do you have any pet apps you’d recommend during National Pet Month? Let us know!

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