Putting Your Own Stamp On Things For National Stationery Week


There’s nothing quite like a personal hand-delivered message to make you feel loved. We all enjoy receiving a card or letter when it comes to special occasions and it’s a tradition we want to keep alive here at Sophie Allport. But are the days of beautifully handwritten cards almost over? For those of us who have been thrown into a digital age, we’re all guilty of firing out a quick email or sending a social media message to say our congratulations and Happy Birthdays. It’s a tech-savvy world out there, but when it comes to celebrating momentous occasions, we say the personal touch always wins.

It’s National Stationery Week - so pick up your pens, your pretty paper, and get communicating the old fashioned way! Writing your own cards or letters is the perfect opportunity to put your own stamp on things and show someone how much you care. Because sooner or later, friends and family members are going to grow tired of the dreaded e-cards. Here are just some of the reasons you should swap your trusted keyboard companion for a pen this week…

National Stationery Week - writing letters

  1. It’s fun to do -  It’s fun to stock up on new stationery and get organised. Treat yourself to a desk tidy or a new pencil case and spend a day writing away your worries. It’s the perfect moment to unplug from it all, clear your mind and focus on something completely different. Some time away from the computer can do wonders for your mind and there’s something extremely satisfying about getting your thoughts down on paper.
  2. It’s personal - There are some messages you simply can’t get across over text or email. Handwritten messages are special and choosing a personal card or paper design is part of the whole package when it comes to such a thoughtful gesture. Sophie Allport greeting cards come in plenty of different designs. Choose a card to suit someone’s personality. It won’t go unnoticed.
  3. Boost happiness and stay connected - Heartfelt cards and notes are a way to stay connected with family and friends and strengthen relationships. They provide instant happiness and they’re something they can keep and treasure forever. Life gets busy and when you want to let someone know you’re thinking about them, it’s better to write it rather than type it. National Stationery Week celebrates the written word and so should you. Don’t lose the personal touch a letter in the post can bring. People still appreciate a card and chances are you’ll get one back. Write your way towards better relationships and remind yourself of the joy stationery can bring to you and your loved ones. Happy writing! National Stationery Week - writing letters

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