Insights Into The English Summer Social Scene


Insights Into The English Summer Social Scene

An avid people-watcher, our guest blogger Rebecca Chatterton explains why she's quickly become addicted to the English Summer Social Season ... The English love a bit of frivolity. Of course, we present ourselves to the rest of the world as a people of dependability and tradition, perhaps rather standoffish in our attitude to our neighbours at times, but always reliable in a crisis. Being a society of decent types with stiff upper lips it can be rather exhausting. No wonder we come out of hibernation in the summer to exhibit a deep-seated ability to have a lot of fun. Through Empire, world wars and economic crashes we’ve proved that quaffing Pimms and snaffling smoked salmon sandwiches in between lashings of people watching, a dash of sport and a sprinkling of music .. is a very good thing indeed.

    1. The Chelsea Flower Show Chick. With her lightweight blazer on and her Stan Smith trainers for comfort, she drifts happily between the gardens. After drinking in the all the English loveliness it's off to the shops for her annual rash purchase – usually, something in antique pewter which will prove a nightmare to lug home (she should have bought a Sophie Allport mug instead!)
    2. The Ascot Yummy Mummy. Her hairdresser arrived at 8.00 this morning to coif her into her Jane Taylor hat but it’s all worth it as long as the rain holds off. She’s been planning this escape for months and is feeling gorgeous… so will be devastated later when the Nutella handprint of one of her children is spotted on the back of her skirt.

    3. The Sports Day Diva. She arrives at the school sports day casual in her slip on sandals. Rumour has it that the mother’s race may be cancelled this year but she has her trainers secure in her bag just in case and under the guise of warming up her children, she’s making sure her tight Achilles tendon won’t hold her back.

    4. The Queens or Wimbledon Conflicted. She’s serious about her tennis so she loves Queens with her girlfriends but who can resist Wimbledon and the media circus surrounding it? She'll take a child for cover and try not to squeal if she spots Bradley Cooper.

    5. The Cowes Week Groupie. This look is so easy to pull off! Laid back is the order of the day - shorts, flip-flops and hair styled by the salty air and what a relief to remain on land through it all. Just the sight of a boat makes her feel queasy.

    6. The Henley Regatta Cougar. Prowling the banks of the Thames she’s in her element and her lithe physique suggests a carbohydrate hasn’t passed her lips since 2005. Under the guise of admiring the rower’s technique, she steels furtive glances at these perfect physical specimens before she drifts off in search of Pimms.

    7. The Seasoned Old Timer. Making a picnic is in her genes and she’s inherited an impressive array of increasingly elderly wicker ware along with her grandmother’s recipe for Coronation Chicken. Ascot might not be the same since they changed the Royal Enclosure but she still has Glyndebourne and no one notices that she’s been wearing one of the same three dresses since they first started going, some looks are timeless.

      Can you relate to any of the above?!

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