Lesson plan ideas for kids at home


Lesson plan ideas for kids at home

Parents all around the country have now become their children’s teachers, and it can be a little overwhelming, trust us we are in the same boat. Ensuring our kids are learning, while working from home, and trying our very best not to let the house turn into a tip. We must admit we are enjoying spending this quality time with them and most importantly having fun. There are plenty of online resources available, and we’ve put together a range of different lessons from some well-known faces.

9 AM: P.E with Joe Wicks

We’re kick-starting the day with a P.E lesson from fitness guru, Joe Wicks, who has became the nations P.E teacher for everyone at home. Let’s be honest it’s not just for kids, adults can get involved too (we’ve tried it and it’s quite hard). Head over to his YouTube channel The Body Coach TV. Picture: Youtube

Photo: YouTube

10 AM: The Maths Factor with Carol Vorderman

Now that we’ve had a boost of energy, it’s time to sit down and learn maths with Carol Vorderman over at The Maths Factor, which is now free for everyone to help support children’s continued learning. From learning your times tables to starting long multiplication, there is plenty to get involved with including 1,000 maths sessions.

11AM: Reading corner with David Walliams

It’s already been a busy morning packed with lots of activities, so now it’s time for some downtime, and author and comedian, David Walliams is sharing an audio story at 11am every day for the next month for free. Create a quiet corner, free from distractions, where they can sit down and get lost in his audiobook. You can find his audiobooks here: https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/

12PM: Lunchtime cookery class

Lunchtime doesn’t have to be a simple sandwich and snack, use this time to teach them valuable cooking skills that will stay with them forever. From celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to BBC Good Foods, there are plenty of easy recipes available online for your little chefs to follow and of course have fun at the same time.

BBC Good Food

Jamie Oliver


Theo Cooks

1PM: Dance lesson with Oti Mabuse

It’s time to get moving again and get the kids energy up. Strictly Come Dancing champion Oti Mabuse is offering free dance classes for children over on her YouTube Channel. She’ll is live streaming them at 11.30am everyday and these are then saved onto her YouTube Channel, where she already has a variety of different classes for you to choose from, including dances to Frozen, High School Musical and the Samba. Take a look at her YouTube Channel and put your dancing shoes on.

2PM: Music with Myleene Klass

Myleen Klass, singer and pianist, is teaching music with her two daughters Ava and Hero, looking at rhythms, how to read music, making instruments and most importantly having fun. She is posting new videos to her YouTube channel Myleene’s Music Klass. Picture: YouTube

3PM: Learning corner with former Blue Peter Presenter Konnie Huq

Former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq will be sharing lots of learning material for kids including arts and crafts, storytelling, reading, experiments and STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) learning. Each video lasts approximately 20 minutes and so far includes book reading, baking cookies, comic strip drawing and reading. You can find her videos on her YouTube Channel Konnie Huq.

4PM: Ben Fogle’s adventure Class

Tune in to Instagram Live to watch Ben Fogle’s Adventure Class, where he talks about lots of different exciting topics from stories about climbing Everest and swimming with crocodiles to rowing the Atlantic. He’ll also be answering your questions. Make sure you head over to his Instagram at 4pm to see his Instagram Live.

4.30PM: History with Dan Snow

Dan Snow will also be going live from 4pm with History Hit Live, but you can catch up with Dan’s live history class on his YouTube channel, he will be talking to a range of history professors and covering a lot of topics from the black death to WW1. Go to his YouTube channel to catch up with his lessons.

Other lesson ideas

Art: London Museums

You can now do virtual tours around most of London’s museums. Ask your children to take a look around each and find their favourite painting. Then ask them to create their version.

Tate Modern

The Courtauld Gallery of Art

The National Portrait Gallery

The National Gallery

The British Museum

Animal studies: Live animal footage

There are plenty of zoos and aquariums around the world that stream live animal footage from their cameras or have pre-recorded lots of informative animal videos and information for your kids. Get your little ones to spot the animals!

San Diego Zoo (we’d recommend viewing later in the afternoon/evening as they are 8 hours behind us)

Edinburgh Zoo

Chester Zoo

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

How have you been getting on with homeschooling? Leave your tips for other parents below in the comments.


  • Lots of ideas on here, I’ve shared the page link to lots of friends. One resource you didn’t mention is Maddie Moate on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=maddie+moate

    Simon Clark on

  • Fantastic ideas and tips Sophie – anything for bored teenagers?! Thank you too for running your on-line shop again.

    Sue Wright on

  • I love this post Sophie, we’ve been doing a few of the same ideas, but some great new ones for us to try! Thanks for sharing, here’s to getting back to normal soon:) ps lovely to hear your up and running online again :) xxxx

    Mandy McDonald on

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