Exploring Sophie's Six Types Of Honey


There is nothing better than the taste of sweet honey, and we are so excited to be sharing our range of delicious honey, harvested by hand from our very own bees in Lincolnshire. Perfect for baking and enjoying over pancakes, we have six different types of Sophie Allport honey for you to enjoy.

All our honey has been harvested by hand from our very own bees in Lincolnshire and is dairy, soya, gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians.

British Honeycomb

A delightful treat, this cut British Honeycomb jar features an individual slice of natural honeycomb surrounded by clear, runny honey straight from the hive. Perfect drizzled over your porridge, spread over toast, or cut the slice of honeycomb into chunks and enjoy!

Sophie Allport Six Types Of Honey

Baker’s British Honey

Our Baker’s British Honey is ideal for baking, hence the name and sometimes appears cloudy consisting of a combination of set and clear honey. Baking with honey is excellent as it makes a perfect replacement for processed sugar. Do you want to use honey in your baking? Check out this tasty Honey Cake recipe on our blog.

Sophie Allport Six Types Of Honey

Borage British Honey

This lovely Borage British Honey is produced from bees foraging predominantly on Borage, which is a bright blue flower also known as the starflower and is an annual herb which bees love. This refreshing runny honey has a wonderful light and floral tone. Perfect for drizzling over porridge, greek yoghurt and fruits or you can even add to your tea or coffee.

Sophie Allport Six Types Of Honey

Summer Blossom British Honey

A traditionally clear honey, our lovely Summer Blossom British Honey comes mainly from bees which are located near gardens full of beautiful summer blooms. This pleasant honey is harvested from different apiaries, and the flavour will change dependent on the year showcasing the difference landscape the bees forage on.

Sophie Allport Six Types Of Honey

Oilseed Rape British Honey

Our Oilseed Rape British Honey is smooth and luxurious and has been gently stirred over six days to break down the crystallisation, creating a pale and silky smooth set honey with a velvet texture and a mild but tasty flavour. This excellent honey is made from bees during spring which gather pollen from early blossoming fruit trees and flowers before they feast on oilseed rape.

Sophie Allport Six Types Of Honey

Echium British Honey

This lovely honey is produced from bees that forage mainly on Echium, which is approximately 70 species of flowering plants in the Boraginaceae family. It has a strikingly pale, golden yellow colour and boasts a light floral flavour with a subtle lemon hint. This beautifully flavoured honey is paired perfectly with strong cheeses and can also be used in tea and coffee.

Sophie Allport Six Types Of Honey

Three Beautiful Benefits of Honey

  1. Honey can boost your immune system. Honey contains phytonutrients which have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties can help fight illnesses and boost your immune system.
  2. Honey can soothe a sore throat. Honey can help soothe a sore throat by coating mucous with its naturally thick sticky coating, and as mentioned, its anti-bacterial properties will help fight illnesses.
  3. Raw honey can heal. Honey has been used to help heal the skin for thousands of years and is sometimes still used in modern medicine today. Its unique pH balance can promote oxygen and healing to wounds, including burns, ulcers and non-healing wounds.

What do you use honey for? We'd love to hear your honey baking tips and favourites, let us know in the comments below. 


  • Hi, you can add ‘flavours’ to honey. I often add lemon or orange rind or ginger into a standard jar of honey, leave for a few weeks and use liberally! Also little jars with a nice tag makes a great gift.

    Julie on

  • Ginger Honey I found ginger honey at my hotel breakfast buffet in Dubai early last year I was unwell so used it on my crepe to settle my stomach and boy it worked! Only no where in the UK seems to make this. The hotel made it themselves.

    Anna Clarke on

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