7 Things You Didn’t Know About Socks


7 Things You Didn’t Know About Socks

Everyone loves receiving the perfect pair of socks as a gift, right? No, well maybe you should, because guaranteed when you get a new pair, they will be the first pair you pick to wear. We should appreciate the comfort of them, the cosy feeling, toasty warm feet and no blisters from those new shoes that rub. There is such a variety too, from sport and trainer socks to a novelty or fluffy pair!

Bees Ladies Socks by Sophie Allport

1. Lost socks, where do they go?

We’ve all had one magically disappear, but where do they go? Well, apparently washing machines and dryers can eat them. That’s because they can leave the drum when spinning, which can then get trapped elsewhere in the washer, never to be seen again. Researchers found that the average family of four people can lose 60 a year!

Dinosaur Kid's Socks by Sophie Allport

2. When were socks invented?

It’s not precisely known who invented them, but they have most certainly evolved over the years. The first knitted pair were invented around 1500BC, and the earliest sock-like items were discovered in Egyptian graves, which date back to around 500AD.

Before the industrial revolution, socks and stockings were also seen as a symbol of status and were a luxury and privilege for the rich, that’s until William Lee, an English reverend born in Nottingham in 1550, invented the knitting loom in 1589 making them easier and more accessible to produce.

Dinosaurs Kid's Socks by Sophie Allport

3. Where does the word originate from?

The word comes from the Latin word ‘soccus’ which was described as a loose-fitting slipper, commonly worn by Roman comic actors. Since then it has evolved, with the Old English word ‘socc’ referring to a ‘light slipper’.

Pheasant Men's Socks by Sophie Allport

4. A clock on your sock?

We’re not talking about time, the area on the sock around the ankle, where there is usually a design, is called a clock. The origin is unknown, but it’s thought to have been called the clock since the 16th century.

Foxes Men's socks by Sophie Allport

5. Why do we wear socks?

They might be warm and cosy and protect your feet from rubbing against your shoes, but they also help protect your shoes from getting sweaty and smelly as they stop the growth of bacteria forming inside your shoes.

Flamingos Women's Socks by Sophie Allport

6. You can reuse your old pairs!

You can never have too many, but if you think you do, then have a little declutter and upcycle your old tattered ones. There are plenty of ways you can upcycle your old socks.

We’d advise washing your socks before making any of the below:

  • Dust mitts: use an old one as a dust mitt when you're cleaning your home, the fluffier the better.
  • Bean bags: fill them up with dried lentils or pinto beans and sew them up to make fun bean bags for the kids, let them decorate with googley eyes and stickers.
  • Homemade dog toy: Pop a tennis ball into a sock and tie the end together. It makes it easier to throw and is perfect for long walks in the park as you won’t mind getting it dirty. Have you seen our range of dog toys? They are sure to keep your dog entertained for hours on end.
  • Puppet shows: an excellent activity for kids, which can provide hours of fun. Decorate an old pair and create a puppet show.

Unicorn Kid's Socks by Sophie Allport

7. Sophie Allport has a new sock collection!

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Have you seen our new cosy footwear collection? Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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